Noncandidate Menino a force in today’s vote

Mayor Menino’s fund-raising haul in October serves as a reminder that even in the thick of a City Council election, he is the dominant political figure in Boston.

Map changes incumbents’ terrain

The plan released yesterday for the state’s congressional districts would create new hurdles for some of the nine remaining members of the US House delegation.

Sam Kanji (left) and Tim Phillips, outside Sam’s house in Westborough.

Courtesy of Ilyse Levine-Kanji

Kevin Cullen

What brown does for Sam

Sam Kanji is 13, has autism, and wants nothing more than to be a UPS delivery man. When a UPS delivery man discovered this, he had an idea.

Yoon S. Byun/Globe Staff

Girl Scouts redesign badges for new century

As Girl Scouts of the USA prepares to celebrate its 100th anniversary, the organization has revamped its badge lineup, with some getting the ax and others getting a makeover.

Housing receiver requested for Chelsea

City Council members are urging the governor to place the Chelsea Housing Authority into receivership amid outrage over the ousted director’s $360,000 a year pay package.

Fourth Cain accuser first to go public

Sharon Bialek, of Chicago, was the first woman to publicly identify herself as an alleged victim of Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain.

Joe Frazier rocked Muhammad Ali with a left hook during the 15th round of their heavyweight title fight at Madison Square Garden in 1971, won by Frazier. They met twice more, with Ali winning both, including the ‘‘Thrilla in Manila’’ in 1975.

Former heavyweight champ Joe Frazier dead at 67

Joe Frazier, the man who handed Muhammad Ali his first defeat yet had to live forever in his shadow, has died after a brief battle with liver cancer.


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Sixth OUI case lands him in court

Activists for stricter drunken-driving laws reacted angrily as a Taunton man with a suspended license faced charges for the sixth time.


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Back Bay could offer Room & Board

Room & Board, a popular Midwest furniture chain, is looking to open its first Massachusetts store in Boston on a prominent corner off Newbury Street.


Fourth Cain accuser first to go public

Sharon Bialek, of Chicago, was the first woman to publicly identify herself as an alleged victim of Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain.

Nation & World

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Doctor convicted for role in Jackson’s death

Dr. Conrad Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson for supplying the pop star a powerful operating-room anesthetic.


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Bruins 6, Islanders 2

Bruins roll over Islanders

In their last three wins, the most recent being a 6-2 thumping of the Islanders last night at TD Garden, the Bruins have racked up 18 goals.


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Bruce Conner’s flickering spirit

“EVE-RAY-FOREVER” is the product of the fecund creative imagination of Bruce Conner, one of the most underrated spirits in American art over the past half century.


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G cover

One man’s tiny addiction

Car enthusiast Charles Gould’s passion for collecting vintage vehicles is exceeded only by his reluctance to part with them.

Top Places to Work

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Chelsea Pollen of Goog

Top Places to Work - 2011

The Globe’s 2011 Top Places to Work survey ranks 100 of the best workplaces in Massachusetts.


“This is the state of the abortion debate in Mississippi, and possibly beyond: Laws and lives could turn on whose slogan presents the situation in the most dire way.”

Joanna Weiss 


“Scholars who take on punk find themselves working amid bedeviling contradictions, as they try to methodically define a culture that refuses definition, rejects method, and denies the very idea of expertise.”

Leon Neyfakh