Sox win big in deal to use streets

 The team’s addition of 269 seats and 100 standing-room-only spaces in a section overhanging Lansdowne Street (left) generated more than $21 million in sales of tickets and concession items for the team since 2003, according to an estimate.

Callum Borchers

Over the last nine years, the Red Sox have increased their revenue by an estimated $45 million through the use of two streets that city officials handed over for a relative pittance.

giants 24, patriots 20

Echoes of Super Bowl XLII as Giants win

Eli Manning marched the Giants down the field and found Jake Ballard on a 2-yard touchdown pass, to give New York a victory over the Patriots in a rematch of the 2008 title game.

Bus 19

Lifted briefly by the tide

It’s a rhythm in the city’s poorest neighborhoods that outsiders easily miss — the fleeting prosperity of the first of the month.

A judicial haven for accused drunk drivers

Plymouth County’s courts may be the most lenient in OUI trials. Judges hear most cases without a jury and acquit just about everyone, leaving police and victims appalled.

G cover

How willpower works

Why can't you resist that cookie? How can you stick with your exercise routine? New research is helping us understand.

Gareth Cook

The truth about autism

It is now clear that many autistics have specific areas of mental superiority that have been overlooked.


A thrilling ride through Stowe’s wild side

I steadied myself with outstretched arms against the rock face in front of me and eased out onto the unstable ridge.


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for Metro - xxspringfield - Springfield mayoral candidate Jose Tosado speaks during an interview at his campaign headquarters in Springfield, MA on Friday October 21, 2011. (Matthew Cavanaugh for The Boston Globe)

Tough race for Latino in Springfield

Jose Tosado’s campaign for mayor seems like an inevitability after 10 years on the City Council. His election, though, is anything but inevitable.

Top Places to Work

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Chelsea Pollen of Goog

Top Places to Work - 2011

The Globe’s 2011 Top Places to Work survey ranks 100 of the best workplaces in Massachusetts.


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On the Hot Seat

Israel Ganot, chief executive, Second Rotation Inc.

Making ‘re-commerce’ second nature

Israel Ganot is CEO and cofounder of Boston’s Second Rotation Inc., whose service lets owners of used electronic devices trade them in for cash.

Nation & World

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Greece's Prime Minister George Papandreou, left, President Karolos Papoulias, center and opposition leader Antonis Samaras met at the Presidential Palace in Athens today.

Initial power-sharing deal reached in Greece

Greece’s embattled prime minister and main opposition leader agreed today to form an interim government to ensure the country’s new European debt deal and oversee early elections.


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Heckmann brings a world of talent to BC

When Patrick Heckmann committed to BC - choosing Div. 1 college basketball over the chance to play for club teams in his homeland - it was an easy decision.



‘Saladin’ by Anne-Marie Eddé

Historian Anne-Marie Eddé's comprehensive biography, “Saladin,’’ examines the birth and elaboration of a legend that casts a shadow even into the present day.


“Thanks to [President Bill] Clinton, the bar for sexual misconduct is a lot higher, or lower, depending on your perspective.”

Joan Vennochi 


“Scholars who take on punk find themselves working amid bedeviling contradictions, as they try to methodically define a culture that refuses definition, rejects method, and denies the very idea of expertise.”

Leon Neyfakh