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A judicial haven for accused drunk drivers

Plymouth County’s courts may be the most lenient in OUI trials. Judges hear most cases without a jury and acquit just about everyone, leaving police and victims appalled.

Spotlight: Unreasonable doubt

A Globe Spotlight investigation reveals a high number of OUI acquittals by Mass. judges.

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The path to a ‘not guilty’ in Plymouth County

Follow the path of a car as it hits a house multiple times. The driver, who said he had been drinking at a bar prior to the accident, received a “not guilty” verdict for drunken driving.

Judge Toby S. Mooney

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The keys were in his pocket? ‘Not guilty’

An intoxicated teen said he crashed his vehicle and then handed the keys to police. At the trial, the judge found him not guilty.

FOR SPOTLIGHT - Massachusetts State Troopers perform a sobriety test on a driver at a sobriety check point operated jointly with the Chicopee Police, on Memorial Avenue in Chicopee on Friday, April 29, 2011. (Matthew Cavanaugh for The Boston Globe)

Globe Spotlight Report

Under the influence

Full coverage of the Globe’s investigation into OUI acquittal rates.

Peabody Essex vaults into top tier by raising $550m

The museum has raised $550 million — with plans to bring in $100 million more — in a campaign that is the biggest ever for any state museum.

Suzanne Kreiter/Globe Staff

Bus 19

Lifted briefly by the tide

It’s a rhythm in the city’s poorest neighborhoods that outsiders easily miss — the fleeting prosperity of the first of the month.

Housing chief looked to friend to cut checks

The office accountant who wrote the former Chelsea Housing Authority executive director checks for more than $200,000 on his way out the door is a longtime family friend.

Islands of economic growth

Boston’s Seaport District and Cambridge’s Kendall Square have continued to generate huge amounts of investment as many other commercial areas struggle.


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for Metro - xxspringfield - Springfield mayoral candidate Jose Tosado speaks during an interview at his campaign headquarters in Springfield, MA on Friday October 21, 2011. (Matthew Cavanaugh for The Boston Globe)

Tough race for Latino in Springfield

Jose Tosado’s campaign for mayor seems like an inevitability after 10 years on the City Council. His election, though, is anything but inevitable.

Top Places to Work

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Chelsea Pollen of Goog

Top Places to Work - 2011

The Globe’s 2011 Top Places to Work survey ranks 100 of the best workplaces in Massachusetts.


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On the Hot Seat

Israel Ganot, chief executive, Second Rotation Inc.

Making ‘re-commerce’ second nature

Israel Ganot is CEO and cofounder of Boston’s Second Rotation Inc., whose service lets owners of used electronic devices trade them in for cash.


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Bruins 7, Maple Leafs 0

Tyler Seguin, Bruins leave Maple Leafs in ruins

Tyler Seguin struck for his first career hat trick and Milan Lucic scored a pair of goals as the Bruins shellacked the Maple Leafs, 7-0.


book review

‘Civilization’ by Niall Ferguson

Actually, Niall Ferguson argues, China, India, and Brazil are gaining because they’ve embraced Western values while we have lost faith in them.


“Thanks to [President Bill] Clinton, the bar for sexual misconduct is a lot higher, or lower, depending on your perspective.”

Joan Vennochi 


“Scholars who take on punk find themselves working amid bedeviling contradictions, as they try to methodically define a culture that refuses definition, rejects method, and denies the very idea of expertise.”

Leon Neyfakh