Peabody Essex vaults into top tier by raising $550m

The museum has raised $550 million — with plans to bring in $100 million more — in a campaign that is the biggest ever for any state museum.

A lottery gambit wins approval

Clarance W. Jones redeemed more than $18 million worth of lottery tickets and recently won a court case that wipes away any taxes owed on the winnings.


Utilities need to cut trees, not costs

Utilities failed to implement the maintenance and system upgrades that would have limited damage from the October snowstorm in the first place, writes John Sterman.

Chelsea housing director leaves ‘with a bag of cash’

Michael E. McLaughlin instructed the Chelsea Housing Authority’s accountant to write him checks for more than $200,000 right before he left the office for good.

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David Tyree’s improbable fourth-quarter catch in Super Bowl XLII sustained the Giants’ game-winning drive and became one of the most memorable plays in NFL history.

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

David Tyree’s Super Bowl catch is now just a footnote in his life

One of the heroes of Super Bowl XLII, Tyree is content with having put football behind him because his values changed on the road from recklessness to redemption.


Investigating J. Edgar

Leonardo DiCaprio, in “J.Edgar,” is the latest in a long line of unusual suspects who have played the FBI director.

1945: War correspondents are shown the grave where Adolf Hitler's charred body was alleged to have been buried behind the Chancellery in Berlin.


Khadafy’s corpse, Hitler’s teeth, Peron’s hands

An ex-leader’s body is nearly always a tricky problem for the new regime. How these bodies are handled is wildly unpredictable--and often just the beginning of the story.


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Defense depicts Mehanna as a scholar

A defense lawyer for Tarek Mehanna sought yesterday to portray him as a budding scholar who was devoted to Islam and not the young radical that prosecutors have described.

Top Places to Work

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Chelsea Pollen of Goog

Top Places to Work - 2011

The Globe’s 2011 Top Places to Work survey ranks 100 of the best workplaces in Massachusetts.


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Accuser’s lawyer says Cain lied

The lawyer for one of the women who accused Herman Cain of sexual harassment declared that the Republican presidential candidate is not telling the truth about the episodes.

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Bruins 7, Maple Leafs 0

Tyler Seguin is congratulated after his second period goal against the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Bruins rout Maple Leafs

Tyler Seguin scored his first career hat trick as the Bruins dominated Toronto, winning consecutive games for the first time this season while inching closer to .500.


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Novel touches in ‘Romeo and Juliet’

With its passion, its poetry, its politics, and its profusion of richly drawn subsidiary characters, “Romeo and Juliet’’ is a natural for the dance stage.