Mayor demands school bus fixes

Mayor Thomas M. Menino threatened yesterday to take the city’s $66 million transportation contract elsewhere if buses don’t start arriving on time.

Clenching his fist perhaps to bolster his point, Pete Mackanin said he can be tough as a manager when that is needed.

Pete Mackanin makes case to Red Sox

The iPad-carrying Mackanin has plenty of baseball experience, but has never managed in the big leagues.

SJC will study rate of OUI acquittals

The state’s highest court will look into the acquittal rate in drunken driving trials before judges, a rate that now eclipses 80 percent.

Julian Edelman was pictured here on the seconf day of New England Patriots training camp earlier this year.

Julian Edelman facing assault charges

The Patriots wide receiver is due in court today to be arraigned on charges of indecent assault and battery on a woman after his arrest at the Storyville nightclub this morning.


IBM’s Watson edges out students in Jeopardy - barely

The human-versus-machine matchup pitted the supercomputer against students from Harvard Business School and MIT’s Sloan School of Management, with the win clinched on the final question.

Nor’easter had right mix

The October nor’easter that dumped more than 2 feet of snow on parts of Mass. was not only unusually early, it was also striking for the large variation in the snowfall amounts.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s chief executive, famously hatched the company while he was a Harvard University undergraduate but moved it to California’s Silicon Valley.

The almost match: Facebook and Boston

If Facebook cofounder Mark Zuckerberg had to do it over, he might have kept his online social network, which today has more than 800 million users, in Boston.


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“We can’t expect this to be easy work, but we shouldn’t shy away from making the changes that are important for students,” said Superintendent Carol Johnson.

Blunders follow high praise for school chief

Since the Boston School Committee extended Superintendent Carol Johnson’s contract six months ago, her accomplishments have been overshadowed by snags and miscues.

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Agencies detail campaign against Mexican cartel

Law enforcement officials yesterday announced the breakup of a massive ring that moved huge quantities of marijuana and other drugs across the Mexican border.


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Tom Brady and the Patriots scored 20 points against the Cowboys and 17 against the Steelers  - a sharp downturn from their 33-point average through Week 5.

Why has Patriots’ offense gone so off course?

Once a lock to register 30 points a game, the Patriots’ offense has stumbled in the past two games. And now other teams may have a blueprint for how to stop them.


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G Cover Story

From warrior to peacemaker

Attorney Eric MacLeish, best known for his combative litigation on behalf of those sexually abused by priests, finds healing with someone who shares his passion for mediation.