House agrees to payroll tax cut deal

Backing down under pressure from the president and Senate leaders, House Speaker John Boehner agreed to a two-month extension to the tax cut while lawmakers negotiate a long-term proposal.

Brown calls for probe of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac

Senator Scott Brown urged Attorney General Eric Holder to launch a criminal investigation into potential fraud at the home lending giants.

Murray asks for ‘black box’ car data to be released

Under media pressure to reveal more about the Nov. 2 crash, Lieutenant Governor Timothy P. Murray today asked police to release the car’s data.

Child gets hepatitis C from transplant at Boston hospital

Due to a testing error, a child treated at Children’s Hospital Boston was infected with hepatitis C by a piece of a blood vessel that was transplanted in September.

exclusive friday preview | music

The best local albums of 2011

In the interest of saving your time and enhancing your iPods, here are our critics’ picks for the 10 best local albums of the year.

Eli Keszler Photo credit: Handout photo 23heard

Eli Keszler's “Oxtirn” shattered boundaries and placed him in a new league of post-everything musicians.

For Globe West, 01WeARTS: Eilen Jewell -- The upcoming concert by Eilen(cq) Jewell,(cq) one of the brightest lights on the Boston folk scene, is just one reason to become a member of The Center for Arts in Natick this year. Library Tag 01012009 Globe West 1 23heard

The Boston Globe

On "Queen of the Minor Key,” Eilen Jewell and her top-notch band of local musicians cast a wide net.

Big D and the Kids Table PHoto credit: Matthew Teuten 01heard slug 01heard 14warped Library Tag 07082011 23heard

Matthew Teuten

Big D and the Kids Table's "The Damned, the Dumb & the Delirious" returns with a joyful blast of its patented ska-punk goodness.

 Quilt 23heard Credit: Trevor Powers

Trevor Powers

Quilt's self-titled album features dreamy '60s three-part harmonies, bleary-eyed folk melodies, and sunburned guitar solos.

Local band Gem Club includes Christopher Barnes and Kristen Drymala. Photo credit: Jared Graves. 23heard

Jared Graves

Gem Club's "Breakers" is beautiful, personal, and clearly a labor of love.

 Bearstronaut Promo 3 (left to right) Nate Marsden, Philip Boisvert, David Martineau, Paul Lamontagne 23heard

Bearstronaut's "Satisfied Violence" is a tour through the indie-rock dance club of the decade past.

In this film image released by 20th Century Fox, Matt Damon, right, is shown in a scene from

exclusive friday preview | Movie Review

Lions and tigers and Matt Damon, oh my!

Matt Damon stars in Cameron Crowe’s “We Bought a Zoo,” a sweet-natured, terribly unthreatening drama about redemption and renewal.

A moment in history with David Cronenberg

The director served as referee between Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung on “A Dangerous Method,” his first feature since 2007’s “Eastern Promises.’’

‘‘We don’t have another Ronald Reagan, and I don’t think we’ll find one.’’

Lonnie Bauerly, a Tea Party activist  


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Calif. biotech moving to Mass.

Inspiration Biopharmaceuticals Inc., a California start-up working to bring a pair of hemophilia treatments to market, will be setting up shop at One Kendall Square.


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Gift ideas for drinkers of spirits and liquors

In the spirit of the season of giving, here’s a basic roadmap to help navigate the liquor store with suggestions for those who wish to splurge and those who wish to save.


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‘Pogo: Through the Wild Blue Yonder’ by Walt Kelly

Years in the making, “Pogo: Through the Wild Blue Yonder’’ collects the daily and Sunday panels of the earliest years of Walt Kelly’s celebrated comic strip.

Best of the new

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Best of the New

Boston’s best people and ideas of 2011

Safer neighborhoods, quieter commutes, and one really brainy historian.