Kim Jong Il’s death gives region jitters

The death of the North Korean dictator could upend US efforts to restart nuclear disarmament talks.

North Korea’s mercurial leader KimJong Il made clear he wanted to pass on rule to his son KimJong Un (right in photo at right.

Mystery surrounds son set to succeed Kim

Kim Jong Un has swiftly risen to power since being made a four-star general a year ago, but he is even more of an enigma than his late father.

Boehner: House GOP to vote down payroll tax cut extension

House Speaker John Boehner said Republicans want a full-year renewal, rather than a two-month extension agreed to in the Senate.

MIT to launch online-only, graded courses for free

The university announced today a plan to launch “MITx,’’ a set of specially designed Web-only classes that anyone can take for free.


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Preterm births still a mystery

Although they have improved at identifying women who might be at risk, doctors are still trying to figure out how to prevent premature births.

“We are prepared. If we go on for months and months, we will have the resources to carry a campaign to each of the states,” Mitt Romney said yesterday on ‘‘Fox News Sunday.”

Wide-ranging Mitt Romney tries to build steam

Mitt Romney worked to build momentum yesterday as GOP presidential candidates enter a crucial week of campaigning before Christmas.

Tom Brady shared a few words with Tim Tebow after the Patriots’ win.

Dan Shaughnessy

Tim Tebow runs out of miracles vs. Patriots

There was no Tebow Time this time. Instead, we witnessed another routine execution by the brutal New England assassins. Praise the Lord and pass the humble pie.

“North Korea is a serious problem under all circumstances, and now with this political upheaval they’re going to be very anxious and sensitive.”

Stephen W. Bosworth,  a former special envoy to North Korea


As he courts conservatives ahead of the Iowa caucuses, Newt Gingrich has stepped up his attacks on the judicial system.

Gingrich continues to lash out at judges

Newt Gingrich said yesterday as president he would consider dispatching US marshals to force judges to appear before Congress to explain controversial decisions.

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Little support for new Egypt protests

Egypt’s ruling military and the revolutionaries who are demanding the leaders immediately step down battled for a third day in the streets, competing fiercely for public support.


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On football

After change, Patriots defense was money

Following an abysmal first quarter, the Patriots allowed just 10 points and 175 yards in the final three quarters of their victory over the Broncos.

Health and wellness

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“I have a deep sense of responsibility in observing that nearly 50 million people in this country . . . are threatened every day by inadequate coverage,” said Dr. Joseph Martin.

Pulse of Harvard, health care

Dr. Joseph Martin, who served as dean of Harvard Medical School from 1997 to 2007, just published a memoir, ‘‘Alfalfa to Ivy.’’


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Brian O’Donovan, host of the radio show ‘‘A Celtic Sojourn,’’ sits onstage in an armchair, playing a listener to the performances in ‘‘A Christmas Celtic Sojourn.”

‘Christmas Celtic Sojourn’ a very good night

In just nine years, “A Christmas Celtic Sojourn’’ has become a holiday staple. Friday night at the Cutler Majestic Theatre, it was easy to see why.