Perils of parking: A city on the hook

Jessey Dearing for The Boston Globe

More than 90,000 cars are towed away in Boston each year. A Globe review finds the hot spots for losing your wheels.

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The cozy intersection of bench and bar

Socializing between some judges and lawyers who specialize in operating-under-the-influence cases is drawing scrutiny from judicial ethicists.

Poll finds deepening economic pessimism

Despite improvements in the economy, Mass. residents hold deeply pessimistic views about the future, according to a new Suffolk University/Boston Globe poll.

Jim Cole/Associated Pres/File

New threat to old ways in N.H.’s primary politics

Debates and national television appearances, not face-to-face encounters, have driven the race, propelling some candidates into the top tier and relegating others to the back of the pack.

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Diversity Boston

This semi-annual magazine from The Boston Globe is dedicated to celebrating diversity in Boston and Massachusetts.

Tom Brady

Colts at Patriots, 1 p.m.

Patriots’ keys to a Week 13 victory vs. the Colts

The Boston Globe breaks down the X’s and O’s for the Patriots’ Week 13 matchup with the Colts and offers a prediction for who will win.

“There has to be a fine line drawn between judges and lawyers socializing . . . so that justice is, if you will, blind and impartial.”

Robert A. Barton,  retired state Superior Court Judge


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Occupy Boston case a test of free speech

Would sending the police to pull up the tent stakes on Occupy Boston be unconstitutional under the First Amendment? That is the question in the hands of the court.

Diversity Boston

Diversity Boston

Boy Scouts seek to expand their membership in the inner city

Since the start of the year, the Boston Minuteman Council, a division of Boy Scouts of America, has been pressing to curb the race divide that marks its membership.


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Joslin makes a push to bring ideas to market

Joslin Diabetes Center is known for being many things, but it has never been known as a hotbed of entrepreneurship. Its latest chief executive wants to make it just that.


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Colts at Patriots, 1 p.m.

Patriots try not to let penalties interfere

Bill Belichick’s hallmark as a coach is his attention to detail, and flying yellow flags do not escape his scrutiny. Traditionally, the Patriots are among the least-penalized teams in the NFL.


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Eco-initiatives in the Caribbean

The majority of Caribbean resorts have spent the last few years playing a serious game of eco catch-up making significant efforts to “go green.”