YouTube shooting suspect dead of apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, police say

Officers walk near a YouTube office in San Bruno, Calif., Tuesday, April 3, 2018. Police in Northern California are responding to reports of a shooting at YouTube headquarters in the city of San Bruno. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

Jeff Chiu/Associated Press

San Bruno police say they believe a female suspect in a shooting at YouTube headquarters is deceased, possibly of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

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// Why ranting on Yelp is the wrong way to complain about awful service

Ticked off about a lousy meal or surly service? Before trashing the business online, try telling someone who can actually fix the problem.

At Fenway Park, there is a new first base Jim Beam dugout for fans who can sit on the field next to the photographers? pit adjacent to the Sox? dugout.

What?s new at Fenway for the 2018 season

The Red Sox unveiled new changes to Fenway, including expanded netting and a new contender for ?best seat in the house.?

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The National Weather Service says that on Friday there?s the potential for a couple of inches of snow.

Fact check: Is the postal service losing a fortune to Amazon?

President Donald Trump won?t let up on Amazon. In another tweet on Tuesday, Trump again claimed the postal service is losing ?massive amounts of money.?


// Is there room for Amazon in Trump?s Washington?

Here?s how the president?s criticism of the company may play a role in where it decides to locate a second headquarters.

// Troopers who worked in beleaguered Troop E will stay in barracks

Colonel Kerry Gilpin said the department has not yet decided what it will do with the troop?s Seaport headquarters.

// Here?s what you can and can?t bring to the Boston Marathon

Public safety officials said Tuesday they are prepared to handle a wide variety of threats when the marathon takes place April 16.

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// Rob Gronkowski is not a problem that needs to be solved. He is a solution

Gronkowski is still in his prime. He?s still a wrecking ball. He?s still a Patriot, and it had better remain that way.

// Mass. pot business applications strong on first day of licensing

Nearly 200 companies and entrepreneurs began applications for recreational marijuana Monday.

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// Boston is the nation?s college capital. Here?s how to keep it that way

Boston?s economy has thrived because of ?eds and meds? ? education and health care. But that status is under threat.

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Love Letters Podcast

Murky breakups are the worst

Here?s something no one ever taught us: how to break up properly. Meredith Goldstein recalls some of her earliest memories of rejection and talks to breakup experts.

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Alex Jones in a Texas court in April 2017, when he faced a different defamation lawsuit.

Lawyer: Mass. man in fear after Alex Jones, InfoWars falsely name him as Florida shooter

Marcel Fontaine has seen conversations on the Internet where ?people have wished him dead,? Fontaine?s attorney Mark Bankston said.

// Trooper didn?t reveal drug-dealing past, but she left a clue

Leigha Genduso said she did not lie or mislead State Police by not giving details of her drug-selling past during the application process.

// Trump wants military to secure southern border until wall is built

President Trump has been deeply frustrated about the lack of progress building a signature promise of his campaign: a wall along the Mexican border.

// Could the MBTA finally connect the Red and Blue lines? The state is looking into it, again

Boston?s bid for the new Amazon headquarters may have helped bring it back from the dead.

Nathan Carman tried Tuesday to paint his aunts as possible suspects in his grandfather?s slaying, an assertion their lawyer called ?horrific nonsense.?

Elise Amendola/Associated Press/Pool

Nathan Carman says aunts had ?substantial motive? to murder his grandfather

Referring to allegations that he left his mother behind on a sinking boat, Carman said ?even if you were to believe that, that?s not a crime.?

// A quest for addiction treatment that works, and the data to prove it

A new and fast-growing company, Column Health, is challenging the traditional ways and measuring its own progress.

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// Fifty years later, MLK?s complexity hangs in the balance

The compartmentalization of King?s life has led to a simplistic two-picture projection.


// Rob Gronkowski fulfills wish of woman waiting for heart and kidney transplant

?He?s going to come in through that door and I?m going to scream,? Lauren Meizo said, who was visited by the Patriots tight end in the hospital.

// You can?t do that in politics. (She just did.)

After an election that unleashed women?s fury and sexual harassment scandals that spawned a thousand hashtags, women are shattering traditional limits.

// In 1996, a dying boy found a little turtle. Their story is now a children?s book

A woman whose child was a classmate of the boy?s wrote the story and shared it with his family, but then it sat in a drawer for years.

// Federal agents arrest designer of Kansas water slide that killed boy

The two men had a plan: build the world?s tallest waterslide. What they didn?t have, prosecutors say, were credentials in mathematics, physics, or engineering.

// Prosecutors oppose jury view of crime scenes in Mafia murder case

Shuttling jurors in the upcoming trial of ?Cadillac Frank? Salemme to crime scenes would be a waste of time, federal prosecutors said Monday.

// Sorry, burning rubber is not a form of protected speech, police in Maine say

A police officer in Oakland said a student spun his tires right in front of him ? because the student read on a satirical news website that it was his constitutional right.

// Police chief says he had no choice but to kill a 600-pound escaped bull in Maine

A bull on its way to the butcher escaped and led authorities on a 90-minute chase before it was fatally shot by the police chief, who said it posed a threat to onlookers.

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From camping to whale watching, adventures abound in Nova Scotia

With lush forests, majestic mountains, and rocky coastlines, there?s tons of ground to cover on a Nova Scotia vacation.

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// The Love Letters podcast: Cloudy with a chance of breakup

The worst kinds of breakups are the murky ones. Meredith learns the do?s and don?t?s of breaking up ? from the people who know best.

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// The charter movement regroups, looks ahead

After a tough stretch, the state?s charter school movement is regrouping and refocusing.

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