You can?t do that in politics. (She just did.)

After an election that unleashed women?s fury and sexual harassment scandals that spawned a thousand hashtags, women are shattering traditional limits.

//[1].jpg If Walsh gets his way, parking tickets will hurt a lot more

The city wants to significantly boost parking fines, which would raise $5 million to fund transportation initiatives.

// State Police troop patrolling Pike will disappear

The move to disperse Troop E troopers into other parts of the State Police comes after an investigation found that dozens of members of Troop E put in for overtime shifts they didn?t work.

03amazonbuildings -- Harbor Square Park Pedestrian View. (Gensler)


Here?s a look at Amazon?s new building in the Seaport

Renderings of the 15-story building, which would house 2,000 Amazon employees, were released Monday.

// Trooper didn?t reveal drug-dealing past, but she left a clue

Leigha Genduso said she did not lie or mislead State Police by not giving details of her drug-selling past during the application process.

Kathleen and Nyall Sheldon with their son, Dylan.

Sheldon family


He lived like each day was his last. Then, one day it was

There is nothing so sad, so utterly soul crushing as to be witness to the death of someone so young and so full of life.

// Prince Philip admitted to hospital for hip surgery, Buckingham Palace says

The palace said Philip entered King Edward VII Hospital in London on Tuesday afternoon and will have surgery Wednesday.

// Mueller OK?d to probe alleged Paul Manafort, Russia collusion

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein explicitly authorized an investigation into whether President Trump?s former campaign chairman colluded with the Russian government.

Mass. man says InfoWars falsely named him as Parkland gunman

Marcel Fontaine said the website posted his photograph and labeled him a ??commie?? supported by the Islamic State group.

Shira Tiffany being arrested outside the Israeli Consulate in Boston on Tuesday.

Ariel Branz/ifnotnow

Protesters chain themselves to door at Israeli consulate in Boston

The demonstrators hope to convince Israeli officials to denounce the use of live ammunition against demonstrators in the Gaza Strip.

Becky Trotsky (right) sat with Marie Smyth, a photo of Smyth's son Jonathan, and ?Goodbye Little Dude,? the book Trotsky wrote as Jonathan was dying two decades ago.

John Tlumacki/Globe Staff

In 1996, a dying boy found a little turtle. Their story is now a children?s book

A woman whose child was a classmate of the boy?s wrote the story and shared it with his family, but then it sat in a drawer for years.

Perspective | Magazine

// Boston is the nation?s college capital. Here?s how to keep it that way

Boston?s economy has thrived because of ?eds and meds? ? education and health care. But that status is under threat.


// Rob Gronkowski fulfills wish of woman waiting for heart and kidney transplant

?He?s going to come in through that door and I?m going to scream,? Lauren Meizo said, who was visited by the Patriots tight end in the hospital.

Fact check: Is the postal service losing a fortune to Amazon?

President Donald Trump won?t let up on Amazon. In another tweet on Tuesday, Trump again claimed the postal service is losing ?massive amounts of money.?


// Fox News alert: No forgiveness for Laura Ingraham

Saying sorry for one mean tweet wasn?t enough to stanch the flow of sponsors.

Michael Begay/Globe staff

Love Letters Podcast

Murky breakups are the worst

Here?s something no one ever taught us: how to break up properly. Meredith Goldstein recalls some of her earliest memories of rejection and talks to breakup experts.

// A quest for addiction treatment that works, and the data to prove it

A new and fast-growing company, Column Health, is challenging the traditional ways and measuring its own progress.

// Boomers line up for joint replacements, and their expectations are high

Aging Americans are getting so many new hips, knees, shoulders, and ankles that orthopedic surgeons are having trouble handling demand.

Hiawatha Bray

// How to defend your privacy, bit by bit

It seems like we?re under attack from all directions ? online, that is. But there are many things you can do to keep at least some of your secrets safe.

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Matt Parziale (right), a 30-year-old firefighter and the US Mid-Amateur champion, chats with Rory McIlroy during a practice round for the Masters on Monday.

Tara Sullivan

Augusta warms to story of Brockton firefighter Matt Parziale

Matt Parziale, a 30-year-old amateur golfer and full-time Brockton firefighter, will tee off Thursday in the Masters.

// From Stanford to Harvard, this Houston teen applied to 20 colleges ? and got full rides to all of them

The feat is not without precedent ? but it remains astounding.

// ?Better for you? ice creams are flooding the market. But are they actually healthy?

In recent weeks, many of the top ice cream brands have released a better-for-you line of products, cutting calories and sugar.

// Seth Rogen: Stormy Daniels mentioned her affair with Trump ?10 years ago?

A new character has emerged in the continuing drama between the adult film actress and the president.

Debuting Love Letters: The Podcast


// The Love Letters podcast: Cloudy with a chance of breakup

The worst kinds of breakups are the murky ones. Meredith learns the do?s and don?t?s of breaking up ? from the people who know best.

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Opinion & Ideas


// State Police reforms are off to a good start

Governor Baker is taking much-needed steps to restore public confidence in the force.

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How a small terrier found adventure in Milton

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