Teamsters found not guilty in ?Top Chef? extortion trial

Defendants and attorneys in the Teamsters ?Top Chef? trial arrived at John Joseph Moakley Courthouse in South Boston last week.

Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff

Four Teamsters have been acquitted of all federal charges of trying to extort jobs from the reality television show ?Top Chef.?

// Mass. traffic deaths up 46 percent since 2013

One factor that is believed to be fueling the deadly trend is more people driving while distracted by cell phones and other devices.

Fallout from Charlottesville

// Ambiguity, euphemisms, dog whistles: The coded language of extremists

The coded language of the white supremacist playbook has been displayed in abundance since Charlottesville.

Evan Horowitz | Quick study

// A turning point for the far right as Trump is slow to condemn

Charlottesville has become a pivotal moment because a US president hesitated to denounce white extremism.

// Organizers of planned far right rally level charges at city officials

Three planned speakers for Saturday?s rally at the Common backed out. One of them accused city officials of trying to incite a riot to discredit the right-wing activists.

//[1].jpg Days after Charlottesville violence, Trump tweets meme of CNN being run over

Trump retweeted the image from a follower around 7 a.m. Tuesday morning, but took down the retweet several minutes later.

For the Pomo tribe of Native Americans, a solar eclipse occurred when a bear, walking through the Milky Way, decided to snack on the sun.

David Zalubowski/Associated Press/File

Ancients viewed solar eclipses as wrath from on high

Viewing a total solar eclipse in ancient times evoked fear, repentance, and a wide range of mythical explanations.

Globe Magazine

// On the Internet, waiters can spill all they want

When diners misbehave, and definitely when they undertip, social media gives restaurant waitstaff a way to serve up disdain.

// Ruin or relic? Old dock pilings divide a Maine town

The wood pilings near Popham Beach aren?t pretty, but residents value the familiar presence that recalls the past.

// Former GE executive will head MBTA

The next general manager is a business executive with no public transit experience but whose corporate resume includes a long stint at General Electric.

The New England Holocaust Memorial in Boston was vandalized on Monday.

Keith Bedford/Globe Staff

Flowers at Holocaust Memorial kicked over as vandalism suspect awaits arraignment

Another suspect was arrested later after allegedly kicking over a bouquet of flowers someone had left at the site of the vandalism.

// For at least a decade, women broadcasters have been pushed to look sexier on-air

The wardrobe issue flared when WCVB anchor Heather Unruh stated the obvious: The empress is not wearing enough clothes.

Sayoko Furuta, 93, was comforted by World War II veteran Marvin Strombo, after he returned a Japanese flag with autographed messages that was owned by her brother Sadao Yasue.

Eugene Hoshiko/Associated Press

WWII veteran returns dead Japanese solider?s flag to family

?It?s like the war has finally ended and my brother can come out of limbo,? the solider?s younger brother said.

// N.H. police corral escaped iguana after it bites cyclist

Officers reunited 10-year-old Mr. Jingles with its owner after posting a picture online.

// Netflix is luring away some pretty big names

Netflix has quickly won over showrunners and filmmakers interested in getting financed with few strings attached.

// So about that bombshell casually dropped on ?Game of Thrones? . . .

If you were ready to throw something at your TV during the latest episode, you?re not alone.

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// Documenting Hate: Submit an incident you know about

If you have been a victim or witnessed a hate incident, share your information here so we can investigate.


// In one night, she lost two sons to opioids. Now she?s fighting to save lives

Becky Savage, a nurse in Indiana, lost her teenage sons Nick and Jack. She?s on a mission now to prevent more such tragedies.