More Boston neighborhoods seeing affordable housing units

A city program requiring developers to build low-cost units has concentrated new housing in affluent neighborhoods.

Programmers at work on Siacoin in an apartment in Cambridge.

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Their creation is valued at $250m. That wasn?t the plan

For one group of twentysomethings in Cambridge, the wild interest in their product can feel more like a nine-figure distraction.

// State sees boom in number of psychiatric beds

At least one hospital has been forced to limit patient admissions because it hasn?t been able to recruit psychiatrists.

// ?Dukes of Hazzard? actor ?firmly denies? groping woman in Waltham

Tom Wopat will ?be taking personal time to address his ongoing struggle with substance abuse,? a statement released today said.

// FBI offering $5,000 reward for information on ?One Minute Bandit?

The bandit is wanted in connection to 10 bank robberies throughout Greater Boston since December.

Cambridge restricts short-term rentals to owner-occupied residences

The Cambridge City Council decided that hosts of short-term rentals ? such as those through Airbnb ? must live in the building.

// Struggles deepen at troubled Boston pharmacy school

MCPHS University is working to bring four of its top programs into full compliance with regulations, but still found the money to expand the president?s house.

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5 low-tech ways to protect your business from cyber fraud

You don't need complicated software to keep hackers away. Use this checklist to guard against fraud.

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How our most maddening local intersections got that way

A look at five of our diciest crossings and what it would take to untangle them.

An ice cream sandwich doughnut at Blackbird Doughnuts.

devra first

Instagram is ruining food, and I?m the only one who cares

I don?t want to eat sparkly rainbow unicorn dishes, but the photo-sharing app is a force too powerful to resist.

// Commuters thrilled that Pike pain is over

All lanes on the Mass. Pike through Boston were reopened Monday, weeks early. ?It blew my mind. I was in shock,? said one driver.

// Sinead O?Connor pleads for help, says she?s living in a motel

In a rambling video posted to Facebook, Sinead O?Connor opened up about her struggles with mental illness.

// David Letterman will return to TV with new Netflix series

?If you retire to spend more time with your family, check with your family first,? Letterman said in announcing the series.

// Boomer Esiason thinks he might have CTE

?I think all football players probably have it,? Esiason said on his radio show Monday morning.

?The Bachelorette? Rachel Lindsay during the season finale in Rioja, Spain. The three-hour finale aired on ABC Aug. 7, 2017.

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Why there was no real winner on ?The Bachelorette?

We always knew who was going to win Rachel Lindsay?s season of ?The Bachelorette,? we just didn?t know it was going to feel this unsatisfying.

// Teens are more stressed and anxious, but they don?t know why. Here?s how parents can help

Young people are increasingly showing a general inability to identify the source of their angst and pain, which can have serious implications for those who care for kids.

Google fires employee who wrote memo about women in tech jobs

James Damore, who wrote the note, said he?s ?currently exploring all possible legal remedies.?

// Residents didn?t pay their taxes ? so somebody bought their street

Decades of failing to pay taxes led to a city auction where the street was sold right out from under the upscale neighborhood?s residents.


// Documenting Hate: Submit an incident you know about

If you have been a victim or witnessed a hate incident, share your information here so we can investigate.


// A doctor was murdered over opioids. His city is left with no easy answers

A doctor?s murder in a small Midwest city leaves other physicians fearful and uncertain about how to deal with patients who demand opioids.