The Trump administration

Military action against North Korea is an option, Tillerson says

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson outlined a tougher strategy to confront North Korea?s nuclear threat, saying it may be necessary to take pre-emptive military action.

Trump Today: Meeting with Merkel

The president will hold a joint news conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Reporters will have plenty of questions. Will he take them?

// Trump?s budget did not go over well in either party

Republican Governor Charlie Baker wasn?t a fan of the president?s spending plan, calling it ?bad for Massachusetts.??

Felix D. Arroyo in 2007.

George Rizer/Globe Staff

Severe dysfunction alleged in Suffolk Probate

Missing files. Unprocessed checks. A section overwhelmed by paperwork. This was the state of the office run by Felix D. Arroyo, according to a new analysis.


// Woman?s car allegedly beaten with metal object in Conn.

This week?s blizzard appeared have some in Connecticut on edge this week.

Dave Epstein

// What?s the likelihood we?ll actually see snow this weekend?

Before the final flakes had even fallen Tuesday, there was already talk of another possible snowstorm for the weekend.


Ideas | Josh Macht

How Jeff Bezos is taking over the world

In an economy fixated on short-term results, exceptional patience pays off.

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How do signs get on Boston?s buildings? It?s complicated

Figuring out how the city?s powerful agency doles out sign approvals remains a bit of a mystery, passed along verbally, like folklore or a secret code.

// Is North America really bigger than Africa? This map sets things straight

Social studies classrooms throughout the Boston public school system are getting an upgrade some 448 years in the making.

// The full list of 138 J.C. Penney stores closing around the US

The company said that about 5,000 positions nationwide will be affected by the closures, most of which will occur in June.

@LARGE | Michael Andor Brodeur

// Gaymoji are new, but gays and code go way back

Grindr?s new set of gay emoji may look basic, but they draw from a deep, proud lineage of slyly worded signals, clues, and double entendres that have kept the culture connected.

John David Holdcraft advertises his disgust at the Brookfield bureaucracy through messages he posts on a Route 9 sign.

Lane Turner/Globe Staff

When your town?s ?fourth selectmen? is a sign

A sign on Route 9 has been lobbing bombs at town government for more than a decade, and many residents have come to accept it as a surreal fact of Brookfield life.

Janet Foisie (left) and Robert A. Foisie.

A charitable gift, a divorce, an angry ex-wife: WPI faces lawsuit over donation

Worcester Polytechnic Institute has been sued by its largest donor?s ex-wife.

// Fueling the farm-to-table movement, with lessons from Toyota

The carmakers? business principles are helping small operations to increase production and cut waste.

NCAA Tournament

Joe Sullivan

// NCAA Day 2: Here?s hoping for more upsets

The second wave of first-round games begins at lunchtime. Here is a look at the games worth watching Friday.



// The Weekender: Irish kicks, elder punks, and political jokes

The Globe?s picks for the best ways to spend your weekend.

Munch Madness

// What are your favorite Boston-area restaurants?

Vote in our March Madness- style bracket to pick the most universally loved local place to eat.

Opinion & Ideas


// Mexico?s not paying for the wall. Are we?

Congress needs to send the message loud and clear that it won?t pay for President Trump?s boondoggle.


//$medium.jpeg Address: The week in real estate

Our weekly digest on buying, selling, and design, with expert advice and insider neighborhood knowledge.

Special reports


// Star surgeon is scrutinized on concurrent procedures

New York authorities are probing how a famed prostate specialist manages his vast patient load.


// Documenting Hate: Submit an incident you know about

If you have been a victim or witnessed a hate incident, share your information here so we can investigate.


// Little-known form of dementia can spark creative expression

Frontotemporal dementia can cause patients to lose their much of their vocabulary but fuel their interest in the visual world.