Severe dysfunction alleged in Suffolk Probate

Missing files. Unprocessed checks. A section overwhelmed by paperwork. This was the state of the office run by Felix D. Arroyo, according to a new analysis.

The Trump administration

// Trump?s budget panned by leaders in both parties

Republican Governor Charlie Baker wasn?t a fan of the president?s spending plan, calling it ?bad for Massachusetts.??

// Trump?s budget cuts hit his base ? rural voters

Some of the biggest losers in President Trump?s budget are the rural communities that fueled his stunning White House victory.

Boston, MA- March 03, 2017: Boston Mayor, Martin

Mass. officials warn Trump?s budget would ?bring pain?

?This is not a responsible budget,? Mayor Martin J. Walsh said. ?This is a reckless budget, and it?s a heartless budget.?

// Watch Sean Spicer and CNN?s Jim Acosta get into a tiff over wiretapping claims

The White House spokesman called one of Acosta?s questions ?cute? before an unfortunate pause that delivered what appeared to be an unintentional insult.


Michael Hathaway, 52, is homeless.

John Tlumacki/Globe Staff

Security company, guard sued over alleged assaults of homeless at North Station

Four homeless people who say they were assaulted by guards contracted by TD Garden last year sued a former guard and the company he worked for.

// Is North America really bigger than Africa? This map sets things straight

Social studies classrooms throughout the Boston public school system are getting an upgrade some 448 years in the making.

// Jurors get deadly meningitis outbreak case

Barry J. Cadden allegedly ignored the warning signs that led to the 2012 fungal meningitis outbreak that killed more than 60 people.



On Boston?s skyline, signs can be a tricky business

Figuring out how the city?s powerful agency doles out sign approvals remains a bit of a mystery, passed along verbally, like folklore or a secret code.

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// A charitable gift, a divorce, an angry ex-wife: WPI faces lawsuit over donation

Worcester Polytechnic Institute has been sued by its largest donor?s ex-wife.

//[1].jpg State warns Leafly on ads for pot-delivery services

Critics say the delivery outfits are essentially selling ?marijuana moonshine.?


// For tech firms, the customer isn?t always right

Many Boston startups see corporate sales, not consumer products, as the end target.

Local politics

// In Faneuil Hall, a call to service for a new generation of women

?No one has ever won, who didn?t run,? said Jane Swift.

// Expelled state representative Carlos Henriquez is running for City Council

In throwing his name into a crowded race of at least seven candidates, he said he wants to return to a job that he loves.



// Confronting the past with clear eyes

Even as Ireland has emerged as a more secular, diverse, and tolerant society, it continues to confront a past far less rosy.


Mass MoCA director Joseph C. Thompson points out work in Building 6.

Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff

Lifting the veil on Mass MoCA?s expansion

The art museum is putting the finishing touches on its massive Building 6, set to open in May.


// The Weekender: Irish kicks, elder punks, and political jokes

The Globe?s picks for the best ways to spend your weekend.

Munch Madness

// What are your favorite Boston-area restaurants?

Vote in our March Madness- style bracket to pick the most universally loved local place to eat.

Opinion & Ideas


// Mexico?s not paying for the wall. Are we?

Congress needs to send the message loud and clear that it won?t pay for President Trump?s boondoggle.


//$medium.jpeg Address: The week in real estate

Our weekly digest on buying, selling, and design, with expert advice and insider neighborhood knowledge.

Special reports


// Star surgeon is scrutinized on concurrent procedures

New York authorities are probing how a famed prostate specialist manages his vast patient load.


// Documenting Hate: Submit an incident you know about

If you have been a victim or witnessed a hate incident, share your information here so we can investigate.


// A 41-day fight to get treatment ends in a daughter?s overdose

Taylor Wilson?s parents ran into roadblocks far greater than they?d ever imagined.