House overrides pay raise veto

The Mass. House quickly overrode a gubernatorial veto of an $18 million pay package that gives huge salary hikes to legislative leaders, judges, and other officials.

// Trump pledges to ?destroy? ban on political advocacy by churches

President Trump told the National Prayer Breakfast that he?ll work to ?totally destroy?? a provision that bars churches from supporting candidates.


// Scott Pioli is on the other side in this Super Bowl

Bill Belichick?s former player personnel guy has helped get the Falcons where they are today.

Fan vs. Fan

// Patriots? pass rush against Falcons? offensive line

This is fourth in a series that features Falcons fans and Patriots fans answering questions about Super Bowl LI.


// Lady Gaga?s Super Bowl show sure to be a spectacle

Gaga declined to confirm earlier reports that she?ll be performing while suspended from the roof of NRG Stadium.

// Zipcar cuts jobs as part of Avis-Budget consolidation

The Boston-based vehicle sharing service has cut jobs as the company consolidates some of Zipcar?s operations.


// Judge grants Globe?s request for more access in ban lawsuit

A federal judge ruled separately that Maura Healey?s office can be a full participant in a legal challenge to Trump?s immigration ban.


// Sharman Sacchetti joins 7News

Today is the first day on the job for the Emerson alum.

// Bitter Boston sports radio rivals could soon have the same owner

WEEI and The Sports Hub are part of a huge merger planned by Entercom and CBS Radio.

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President Trump

A supporter of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro holds a portrait of late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez during a demonstration march to the Miraflores presidential palace in Caracas on April 7, 2016. Supporters of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro mobilized to ask him to block an amnesty law promoted by the opposition, and already approved in the opposition-controlled Parliament, but that still requires presidential approval. / AFP / JUAN BARRETO / JUAN BARRETO (Photo credit should read JUAN BARRETO/AFP/Getty Images)


Indira A.R. Lakshmanan

?It Can?t Happen Here? ? or could it? America flirts with authoritarianism

President Trump?s obsessions about his crowds and his ratings remind me of a very, very long day I spent with Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chávez.

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President Donald Trump spoke on the phone with Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnball from the Oval Office.

Yvonne Abraham

About that call to Australia . . .

It says something about the Trump administration that the disastrous call with Malcolm Turnbull, prime minister of Australia, seems kind of minor, even funny.


// Kraft, Belichick, and Brady ? all the president?s men

In their silence, Robert Kraft, Bill Belichick, and Tom Brady are enabling a bully.

Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch.

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Ground Game

How Gorsuch?s nomination could be felt by N.E. politicians

Neil Gorsuch?s confirmation proceedings could prove especially important to several US senators from New England.

// Pentagon, White House defend planning in deadly Yemen raid

White House spokesman Sean Spicer defended the Yemen raid as a ?successful operations by all standards,? despite the loss of life.

Talking Points

// Baker?s budget has a stopgap, sports talk rivals could become teammates

A recap of the most important business news from Thursday.


// The Weekender: Kickoff, ?Cabaret,? and funny cannibals

The Globe?s picks for the best ways to spend your weekend.


// Sign up for Point After

Get Patriots stats and the inside scoop right to your inbox.

Trump Today

// Trump Today: When the president badgers allies in two hemispheres

President Trump did not have a good phone call with the prime minister of Australia or the president of Mexico.

? Schedule: Where the president is today

? News: A look at what happened yesterday

? Social media: What Trump has been tweeting

Opinion & Ideas

Opinion | Seán P. O?Malley

// Doing what is just for immigrants

In the face of a global humanitarian crisis, we cannot treat people as pawns.

Special reports


// How the backlash against Trump?s travel ban unfolded

On Friday, President Trump issued his immigration order. By the weekend, protests rocked cities around the nation.


// Is Trump?s longtime doctor coming to Washington?

Presidents can select whomever they want as a personal physician; many, but not all, have been military doctors.


The Desperate and the Dead | Part 7

// The San Antonio solution

One Texas city took on mental health as a community and became a national model. Why can?t Mass. do the same?