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Two GOP senators put DeVos?s role in jeopardy

Betsy DeVos?s confirmation to lead the Education department is in a precarious spot after Susan Collins of Maine and another GOP senator voiced their opposition.

Dan Flynn took bids from prospective buyers during a foreclosure auction in Halifax.

Kayana Szymczak for The Boston Globe

Swindler by day, charity auctioneer by night

Well-known South Shore charity auctioneer Dan Flynn pleaded guilty in federal court to defrauding about 80 investors out of more than $20 million.

//[1].jpg With visas revoked, travelers barred entry despite court order

Despite federal court orders, some are not being allowed to board planes because the State Department had already revoked their visas.

// Senate confirms Rex Tillerson as secretary of State

The Senate has confirmed Rex Tillerson, former CEO of Exxon Mobil, to be President Donald Trump?s secretary of state.


// Democrats face a tough battle on Gorsuch

If Democrats want to keep Gorsuch off the court, they have to show how his conservatism hurt the country.

More than 200 people rallied against President Trump's immigration policy on Boston Common on Wednesday.

Keith Bedford/Globe Staff

More than 200 rally in Boston against Trump?s immigration orders

A crowd rallied on Boston Common in favor of a state bill that would prevent police from assisting federal immigration officials.

// Trump makes trip to honor fallen Navy SEAL killed in Yemen

President Trump has left the White House on Marine One on an unannounced trip, and the White House has not disclosed his destination.

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// Trump?s signature is ?horrifying,? but should you care?

Can we learn anything from studying handwriting?


Tom Brady?s humble rookie season had hints of greatness

He was a sixth-round pick who scarfed pizza and barely made the roster, yet there were signs of what was to come.

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// Goodell says he?ll go to Patriots game ?if I?m invited back to Foxborough?

The NFL commissioner said he was confident that there?s no hard feelings between his office and the Patriots over the Deflategate scandal.

// Man who said he lost tooth looking for Tom Brady Uggs faked the story

It was an Internet joke that quickly spiraled out of control. But in the end, Luke Barosky will give back to the community by donating the autographed slippers.

// Howie Long reflects on growing up in Charlestown

The Fox? Sports NFL analyst overcame a difficult upbringing to have a Hall of Fame career with the Raiders.

// Beyonce announces she?s having twins

Entertainment superstar Beyonce announced Wednesday that she?s expecting twins with husband Jay Z.

// Nearly 80 cats rescued from Fall River home

No charges have been filed against the previous owner of the cats, who surrendered them voluntarily.

Attorney General Maura Healey.

Capital Source

Pay raise bill would give Healey?s household income a big boost

The proposed raise for the attorney general is nearly $45,000: from $130,582 to $175,000. Healey?s partner, state Appeals Court Justice Gabrielle R. Wolohojian, would also see her salary increase.

Officer Benjamin Smoot/Uxbridge Police Department

Car crashes into backyard pool on the way to school

The homeowner helped two injured girls escape from the car, which luckily crashed into the shallow end of his pool.

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// Her 15-year-old daughter fell prey to a sex trafficker

When the teen didn?t come home from the mall one night, a mother followed text message records to a horrible discovery.

// Shot fired in lobby of Bolling building

?We?re fortunate the gun got jammed and there [were] no other shots fired,? the police commissioner said.


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Trump Today

// Trump Today: The twist about Neil Gorsuch

Not all of the rulings from the Supreme Court nominee are what you?d expect from a man hailed as a conservative judge.

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// Democrats face a tough battle on Gorsuch

If Democrats want to keep Gorsuch off the court, they have to show how his conservatism hurt the country.

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// How the backlash against Trump?s travel ban unfolded

On Friday, President Trump issued his immigration order. By Sunday, protests rocked cities around the nation.