Trump fires acting AG after she defies order

President Trump in the Oval Office of the White House on Monday.

Associated Press

President Trump replaced acting attorney general Sally Yates after she refused to defend his executive order on immigration in court.

// New AG says he?ll enforce Trump?s travel ban

Dana Boente, a longtime federal prosecutor, was sworn in late Monday, the White House said.

// In Justice Department firing, echoes of Saturday Night Massacre

The defiance at the Justice Department ? and subsequent firing ? had echoes of the ?Saturday Night Massacre?? under President Nixon in 1973.

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// Healey to join suit by UMass professors against ban

Mass. would be a plaintiff in a federal lawsuit challenging President Trump?s orders.

// Baker defends a quieter resistance to Trump

Governor Charlie Baker?s advisers think he has found a middle ground in his reaction to President Trump.

Liz Norden, a Stoneham mother whose two adult sons each lost legs in the Boston Marathon bombing.

Trump?s spokesman brought up terrorism. What do the victims think?

Survivors of the Boston Marathon attack and 9/11 are divided when it comes to the president?s immigration order.

// Ford breaks from Trump over ban as Detroit Muslims protest

Automakers are walking a tightrope as they court the president, whose policies on clean-air standards, corporate taxes, and trade will affect their fortunes.

// Local colleges mobilize to help affected students, academics

President Trump?s order was a heavy blow for a city that prides itself on drawing the brightest minds from around the world.


// Welcome to Boston, last stop on the Overground Railroad

There is something in the city?s collective DNA that respects freedom to worship and rejects arbitrary, autocratic decrees.

// Obama says his immigration policy was not like Trump?s

The former president rejected the idea that Donald Trump based his immigration executive order on a policy adopted by Obama?s administration.

// Did Trump reveal how he?d govern on ?The Apprentice??

With no record as an elected official to draw from, Trump?s long-running NBC show ?The Apprentice,? artificial as it may be, seems worthy of study.

// The president frowns in his official portrait ? and so do some who see it

Donald Trump?s unsmiling picture, against a backdrop of the White House, struck many in Boston?s immigration court Friday as severe.

// Trump?s voter fraud expert is registered in three states

A man who President Trump has promoted as an authority on voter fraud was registered in multiple states during the 2016 election.

Patriots tight end Martellus Bennett drew a crowd during Monday night?s Super Bowl media session.

Tim Warner/Getty Images


Martellus Bennett may skip White House trip if Patriots win

The tight end said he likely would not visit ?because I don?t support? President Trump.

// Mohamed Sanu of Falcons, a Muslim, won?t discuss travel ban

Sanu said he is praying the country and the world would ?unite as one.?

// Here are the two pieces of advice Robert Kraft offered Arthur Blank

The two owners did a joint segment during Opening Night on Monday.

// Kyle Shanahan lost, but found bag containing Falcons? gameplan

A columnist mistakenly took the offensive coordinator?s backpack at Opening Night before realizing it and returning it.

Tony Meng, of Westwood, now needs a home health aide for basic tasks.


Spotlight update

Double surgery did not cause man?s quadriplegia, jury finds

A Boston jury ruled that a Mass. General Hospital surgeon?s divided attention did not lead to the Westwood man?s disability.

// Funding via the crowd is now a reality for businesses

Equity crowdfunding took effect last May, part of a post-recession family of federal laws meant to spur startup investments.

The parent of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (above) has agreed to negotiate a merger with Lahey Health.

Steven Senne/Associated Press/File

Would Beth Israel-Lahey tie-up create another behemoth?

Would the merger produce a lower-cost alternative to Partners HealthCare, or would it drive up costs?

// Insurer won?t pay claim on boat that sank, killing woman

?The sinking was caused by your intentional acts,? the insurer wrote to Nathan Carman.

//[1] Ron Hill ran every day for 52 years . . . until Sunday

The 1970 Boston Marathon champ ended his record streak after experiencing chest pain.

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Moving forward on Boston?s roads and bridges

In the first installment of a new series on local infrastructure, the current state of area roads and bridges is examined, as well as what?s being done to help improve it.

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