Trump defends order; protesters hit streets

President Donald Trump signed an executive order severely limiting immigration from seven Muslim-majority nations on Friday.

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After the stroke of Trump?s pen, a dramatic 34 hours

On Friday afternoon, the chaos that would erupt at airports nationwide was still hours away. But around Boston, a resistance was taking shape.

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//[1].jpg 34 hours of confusion: A timeline of Trump?s immigration order

Scores remain in limbo after President Trump signed a travel ban order, prompting outrage and action. Here, a timeline as events unfold.

// Thousands at Copley Square protest immigration order

Thousands of protesters packed Boston?s Copley Square Sunday afternoon, demonstrating against President Donald Trump?s immigration order.

// Trump Today: Trump says sanctuary cities are ?not safe?

During his weekly address, the president took a swipe at sanctuary cities, saying, ?We have to take care of that horrible situation.?

Senator Elizabeth Warren spoke during a protest at Copley Square against President Trump?s immigration order.

Here?s what all 33 N.E. members of Congress think about Trump?s immigration order

Members of Congress from New England, dominated by Democrats, have largely opposed President Trump?s executive order on immigration.

// Judge who blocked Trump?s traveler ban known as ?fearless?

Colleagues say Allison Dale Burroughs was a standout prosecutor who is not swayed by politics.

// How the challenge to Trump?s immigration ban will play out in court

Why was an injunction granted in Boston and what does it mean? What?s next in the court process?

?We can?t provide any assurance at this point? about how foreign travelers will be treated, said one immigration lawyer.

President Trump spoke Saturday in the Oval Office after signing executive orders.

Trump says his priority is ?to protect and serve our country?

Trump also tweeted shortly after sending the statement, railing against senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham for their criticisms of his plan.

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// Trump?s immigration order was sloppy ? and maybe that was the point

The question is: Did President Trump stumble into this conflict? Or was he eager for it?

// Harvard president asks officials to reconsider Trump?s immigration ban

Harvard?s Drew Faust issued a forceful letter, calling on federal officials to consider the order?s impact on universities.

Police surveyed the scene after a deadly shooting at a mosque in Quebec City, Canada, on Sunday.

Francis Vachon/The Canadian Press via AP

Mosque president says 5 dead in Quebec City shooting

Two suspects were taken into custody Sunday after the attack, police said.

// Trump?s Supreme Court choice could be announced Monday

President Donald Trump could announce his pick for the Supreme Court as early as Monday, a White House official said.

// A fresh look at a forgotten battle for civil rights, fought in Boston

A new documentary spotlights the protests led by a black newspaper editor in 1915 against the racist feature film, ?The Birth of a Nation.?


// Noisegate didn?t make a peep compared with Deflategate

Unlike You-Know-Who, the Falcons cooperated fully with the NFL?s investigation and accepted the penalties.

US service member killed in Yemen raid

The incident marks the first time a member of the US military has died in combat since President Trump took office.

// Opioid deaths rose in state by 16 percent last year

The opioid epidemic in Mass. didn?t let up in 2016 as State Police investigated 877 deaths suspected of being tied to the powerful drugs.

// Usually an Oscar warm-up, SAG Awards will miss a key player

??La La Land?? may have tied an Oscar record with 14 nominations, but it won?t be competing for the top Screen Actors Guild award.


// Banned from casino, he returns to lose more money without detection

?I?ve been back to Foxwoods a hundred times since I got on the list,? David Schreiber said.

// A life taken, but also a life lost

How did 14-year-old Raeshawn Moody wind up becoming among the youngest to face a murder charge in Boston?


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// The balance sheet on ?America First?

There is one truth in Trump?s ideas but several dangerous myths.

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