R.I. escapee captured in Somerville

Mass. State Police

James Morales, who escaped a federal jail in R.I. on Saturday, was captured after a foot pursuit in Somerville following a days-long manhunt.


//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2017/01/05/BostonGlobe.com/Sports/Images/e3bf4f5b1c014592a64416181d1f2fa6-e3bf4f5b1c014592a64416181d1f2fa6-0-11143.jpg Reaction to Jae Crowder?s frustration was taken too far

It mushroomed into one of the most transparent and irresponsible themes imaginable: Boston sports fans are racist.

//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2017/01/05/BostonGlobe.com/Sports/Images/Celtics02-11113.jpg Jae Crowder apologizes for tweets but stands by his objections

The Celtics forward says he reacted too strongly but still believes the Boston fans shouldn?t have cheered for Gordon Hayward.

//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2017/01/05/BostonGlobe.com/Arts/Images/4ba8f12ab9b2478e8da563fb25cc86bc-4ba8f12ab9b2478e8da563fb25cc86bc-0.jpg J.K. Rowling isn?t done with ?Fantastic Beasts?

The author announced that a new edition of the Harry Potter spin-off ??Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them?? will come out in March.

Bristol County Sheriff Thomas M. Hodgson

Opinion | Marcela García

Sheriff?s proposal to have prisoners build Donald Trump?s wall is absurd

The inevitable Trump mini-mes are beginning to surface from the brush of the political landscape, and even Massachusetts is not immune.


//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2014/10/29/BostonGlobe.com/Lifestyle/Advance/Images/Lee_joel7_g.jpg Why don?t more women and people of color perform at Fenway?

Red Sox chairman Tom Werner said it?s not for a lack of trying that Fenway has hosted mostly white male artists.

How the Globe writers voted for the Baseball Hall of Fame

Five Globe sports writers vote in the election. See how they cast their ballots for the Class of 2017.

Talking Points newsletter

//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2017/01/05/BostonGlobe.com/Business/Images/ge-6637.jpg The role of tax incentives, Staples settles postal dispute, and some strange innovations

Here?s your recap of the most important business news for Thursday.

//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2017/01/04/BostonGlobe.com/Ideas/Images/0108jeff2.jpg How Obama views his legacy in criminal justice

President Obama?s commentary in the Harvard Law Review addresses how presidents can exert influence over the criminal justice system.

//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2017/01/05/BostonGlobe.com/Metro/Images/workers1.jpg Cat that fell out of vehicle on I-93 found safe 9 days later

Juno was hiding along a steel girder high above I-93 when electricians from Local 103 rescued her.

//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2016/12/28/BostonGlobe.com/Arts/Images/DF-02289_R2_Comp_V2_rgb-2008.jpg The Weekender: Marvelous math, pop heroes, and ?Bright Lights?

The Globe?s picks for weekend fun in Boston and beyond.

//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2016/03/17/BostonGlobe.com/Metro/Images/wiggs_Lewis_660805.jpg Anti-legalization senator draws ire of marijuana advocates

Marijuana advocates are trying to block an anti-legalization lawmaker from becoming the state Senate?s point person on pot.

The transition to Trump

Former Indiana Senator Dan Coats spoke with the press following a meeting with Donald Trump in November.

Trump selects Dan Coats as director of national intelligence

Donald Trump?s decision to select the former Indiana senator comes as the president-elect has been sharply critical of the nation?s intelligence agencies.

President-elect Donald Trump.

Evan Vucci/Associated Press

Evan Horowitz | Quick Study

Massachusetts immune to Trump health care changes? Think again.

The Bay State is reliant on federal dollars for whatever health care insurance plan we use.

//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2015/11/09/BostonGlobe.com/Metro/Images/200_katherine_clark.jpg Katherine Clark to skip Trump?s inauguration in protest

The congresswoman said she believes attending the inauguration would ?normalize? Trump?s promotion of ?bigoted, misogynist, anti-Semitic, and racist claims.?

//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2017/01/05/BostonGlobe.com/Metro/Images/lambo-11969.jpg Talk about a pricey accident: Lamborghini involved in I-93 crash in Quincy

A yellow Lamborghini was involved in a crash on I-93 south in Quincy on Thursday, according to State Police.

//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2017/01/05/BostonGlobe.com/Business/Images/33aa1c4c7f22436384569460a59435ac-33aa1c4c7f22436384569460a59435ac-0.jpg Sears to close 150 stores, sell Craftsman brand for $900m

With Sears?s department-store business continuing to bleed cash, its CEO has turned to selling and spinning off assets to keep the company operating.

She loved him, and he died in the Holocaust. Now her son is bringing his music back to life.

A tale of young love drove a son on an eye-opening journey. And in the process, a musical legacy that was all but lost has been found, and a life revealed.


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Opinion | Michael D?Antonio

//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2017/01/03/BostonGlobe.com/EditorialOpinion/Images/0105obama.jpg We?re not giving President Obama enough credit

The challenges Barack Obama confronted during his eight years as president remain under-appreciated, as do the successes he achieved.

Special reports

special report

Every doctor told the Lacey family their son would die ? except one

Pat and Dina Lacey had been parents for only a few months when doctors discovered a tumor in their new baby?s chest. Told to take their son home to die, they put their faith in a young doctor who wouldn?t accept death as the answer.

Life sciences

STAT, a national publication from Boston Globe Media Partners, covers health, medicine, and life sciences.


The Desperate and the Dead | Part 7

//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2016/12/05/BostonGlobe.com/Metro/Images/20160923_SAMentalHealth_312.jpg The San Antonio solution

One Texas city took on mental health as a community and became a national model. Why can?t Mass. do the same?

The story behind ?Spotlight?

//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2015/11/18/BostonGlobe.com/Metro/Images/spotlight-9497.jpg Boston Globe coverage and the movie ?Spotlight?

?Spotlight? is based on the stories and the reporters behind the investigation of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.