How hard is it to get pot now that it?s legal?

On this first day of legal marijuana in Massachusetts, a Globe reporter attempted to buy some weed. Here?s how his day unfolded.

// Baker administration accused of denying shelter to homeless mothers

One lawsuit says homeless parents and children are turned away because shelters are full and the state has stopped using motels.

People were bundled up outside South Station on Thursday.

Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff

Schools cancel class Friday due to bitter cold temperatures

Here?s a list of Massachusetts public schools canceling or delaying classes on Friday due to the expected bitter cold temperatures.

// New England will be the coldest place in the US on Friday

With the windchill, it?s expected to feel as cold as minus-20 degrees early Friday in Boston, meteorologists said.

// Diver in Braintree died in the presence of his teen son

The water level was being lowered Thursday evening with the intention to remove the worker?s body in a ?dignified and respectful? manner.

Eric Marcotulli is CEO of the health supplements startup Elysium Health. Dan Alminana is chief operating officer. Lenny Guarente is chief scientist and a professor of chemistry at MIT.

Elysium Health


Search for a youth medicine never grows old

Boston-area companies have spent nearly $1 billion on the hunt for ways to help people live longer and healthier.

Shirley Leung

// Ed Ansin will double down on local news as WHDH splits with NBC

Ansin?s Channel 7 will add newscasts in the morning, and he?s beefed up the newsroom, hiring dozens of reporters, anchors, and producers.

// Teamsters official?s plea deal accepted in ?Top Chef? case

Mark Harrington is the head of the union that was accused of harassing and extorting the TV show?s crew.

// City will soon be able to revoke permits at unsafe work sites

City officials will soon have the authority to deny, revoke, or suspend a permit for any contractor with a poor record of ensuring their workers? safety.

The Dow Jones industrial average has jumped more than 8 percent since Nov. 8, driven largely by financial companies, and for the first time is within reach of the 20,000 mark.

Richard Drew/Associated Press

Confidence in Trump drives Dow up sharply

The stock market has soared to record highs since Election Day, and many Americans are feeling more than a little conflicted about it.

Ground Game

// With Carrier, Trump exposes rift between unions and leaders

Somehow Donald Trump, who claims a net worth of $10 billion, was standing up for the little guy, against their own union boss.

Globe Santa

// Mother with leukemia seeks gifts for daughter

?She amazes me every day with something new she has learned or something special she says to make me feel better when I?m ill,? the mother says.

// A new holiday tradition: Photo cards with a dash of snark

Photo card websites have begun to introduce a more honest approach.

// For the ?selfie generation,? a different kind of breast implant

Avoiding the oversize implants that flashed across TV screens in the ?90s, they favor a stable silicone implant commonly referred to as the ?gummy bear.?

// Kid Cudi just dropped his new album

Rapper Kid Cudi released his sixth studio album, ?Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin?,? late Thursday night.

Beyoncé?s ?Lemonade? is one of the top albums of the year.

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What makes hit a hit, a star a star? It?s getting harder to know.

How we experienced music this year showed that whatever center pop music might have had was becoming increasingly difficult to hold together.

critic?s corner | matthew gilbert

// A ?Honeymooners? reboot with a contemporary twist

The sitcom is in the works at CBS, plus four other takeaways from the week in TV.

//[1].jpg Tom Brady sends signed Uggs to fan who allegedly lost tooth in slipper hunt

Thursday was a mixed bag for Patriots fan Luke Barosky: He allegedly lost a tooth, but apparently gained a pair of Tom Brady?s slippers.


// The Weekender: Dancing feet, first Impressionists, and dirty Waters

The Globe?s picks for the best ways to spend your weekend.

Special reports

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Every doctor told the Lacey family their son would die ? except one

Pat and Dina Lacey had been parents for only a few months when doctors discovered a tumor in their new baby?s chest. Told to take their son home to die, they put their faith in a young doctor who wouldn?t accept death as the answer.

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// No retreat on funding for opioid epidemic

Now is not the time for Governor Charlie Baker to slash funding for substance abuse treatment.

Life sciences

STAT, a national publication from Boston Globe Media Partners, covers health, medicine, and life sciences.


The Desperate and the Dead | Part 7

// The San Antonio solution

How one Texas city took on mental health as a community and became a national model.

The story behind 'Spotlight'

// Boston Globe coverage and the movie ?Spotlight?

?Spotlight? is based on the stories and the reporters behind the investigation of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.


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Google's self-driving car project gets a new name

The self-driving car project that Google started seven years ago has grown into a company called Waymo, signaling its confidence that it will be able to bring robot-controlled vehicles to the masses within the next few years