Ground Game

Five reasons the #NeverTrump movement failed

Donald Trump spoke at the Trump Tower in Manhattan on Tuesday.

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Donald Trump is on track to be the first person to be nominated for president without holding elected office since Dwight Eisenhower.



Donald Trump has done more than win the Republican nomination; he has shattered the modern Republican Party.


// Winners and losers from the Indiana primaries

Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton weren?t the only ones taking a hit on Tuesday.


// #NeverTrump movement must show it?s not bluffing

It?s time for backers of the #NeverTrump movement to prove that their vows were more than just talk.

// Trump?s path to nomination clear after Cruz drops out

Donald Trump?s victory in Indiana knocked Ted Cruz out of the race, while Bernie Sanders delivered another loss to Hillary Clinton.

// Bernie Sanders says Indiana win was ?great upset?

??I know that the Clinton campaign thinks this campaign is over. They?re wrong,?? the Vermont senator said.

Pablo Sandoval, pictured in February during a spring training workout in Fort Myers, Fla.

Patrick Semansky/Associated Press/file

The art of getting paid for doing nothing

Pablo Sandoval is hardly the first high-profile figure ? athletic or otherwise ? to be paid handsomely to go away.

Tom Brady?s legal team earned a small victory in court Tuesday.

Tom Brady gets more time to ask court to reconsider case

Tuesday?s ruling gives Brady?s legal team an extra 14 days to file a motion to have his case reheard.

Boston Latin School, founded in 1635, is considered by many an educational crown jewel.


Why Boston Latin?s problems are everyone?s problem

The sharp decline in the exam school?s black enrollment goes to the heart of why income inequality and opportunity inequality form a pernicious cycle.

// Five keys to Joanne Chang?s success

Why is Joanne Chang of Flour Bakery so successful? Here are five things she does particularly well.


// Battle over Prouty Garden moves to courtroom

Boston Children?s Hospital wants to develop the garden, over the objections of many.

// FBI search does not uncover Gardner paintings, attorney says

Agents searched the Conn. home of mobster Robert Gentile on Monday for the third time.

// The dish my mother made me

Chatachtuma, spaghetti with yogurt and garlic, is a remnant of a culture almost lost.

// State chemist was high on the job for years, report says

The chemist used drugs at work almost every day for eight years, actions that jeopardize cases, investigators said.

// This JetBlue ad will make you rethink flying with babies

The new ad, which was developed by Boston firm MullenLowe, turns the tray tables on passengers and baby-toting parents.

?The line has to be drawn somewhere. We do not need a corporate giant on East Broadway,? said Cathe Walsh, owner of the Cranberry Cafe.

Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff

In Southie, they?re standing their grounds on Starbucks

The bitterness among the 75-plus people at a meeting Monday showed this was about more than just a coffee shop.

// Access to health-care prices doesn?t lower spending

A Harvard study found that people didn?t check prices on care, even when they had a way to do so.

// A town-by-town look at Mass. opioid deaths in 2015

The opioid crisis has hit Massachusetts hard, particularly in some communities.

// A five-star rating on TripAdvisor, but he wants out

Businesses are finding that if they don?t want to be part of online rating companies like TripAdvisor, they?re out of luck.

// RMV says it sent records of driver in duck boat crash

Boston Duck Boat Tours regularly requested and received Victor Tavares?s driving record, officials said.

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// The union effort to restrict competition

The investigation into Boston-area union tactics illustrates the effort unions use to push developers to hire union contractors.

Ground Game

ground game

// The question that makes Cruz and Kasich squirm

Would Ted Cruz and John Kasich support the Republican presidential nominee, even if it?s Donald Trump?

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Globe photos of the month, April 2016

A look at some of the best images taken by Boston Globe photographers last month.