Clinton, Sanders deepen their bitter feud during debate

Bernie Sanders spoke as Hillary Clinton listened during the Democratic debate on Thursday night.


The candidates shouted over one another and resorted to sarcasm in the most combative exchange of the Democratic campaign thus far.

// Four charts that matter in the Democratic primary right now

Hillary Clinton is looking to stop Bernie Sanders? winning streak Tuesday in New York before the race hits five more states.

// Bill Clinton vows economic recovery for all during Warwick stop

Clinton was in the Ocean State stumping for his wife ahead of the April 26 presidential primary there.

shirley leung

// Another tunnel under Boston doesn?t sound crazy to Seth Moulton

The US congressman is breathing new life into a transportation pipe dream whose biggest advocates have been two former governors, Mike Dukakis and Bill Weld.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh and Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker.

Steven Senne/Associated Press

Pro-marijuana group calls out Baker, Walsh

Activists say the politicians support the expansion of alcohol sales while backing an effort to stop the legalization of marijuana.

// Bridgewater inmate allegedly attempted suicide 3 times before death

In the weeks leading up to his death, Leo Marino tried to kill himself three times, according to his brother and attorney.


// ClassPass raises prices and local fitness buffs fume

ClassPass announced it is raising its Boston rates to $150 per month for current unlimited users, and $180 for new ones.

// Vt. resort built on immigrants? investments used fraud, SEC says

The Jay Peak ski resort was supposed to help transform a sleepy corner of the state and help foreigners get green cards.

Advocates booed Governor Baker during a speech Wednesday for failing to take a position on the measure at an LGBT networking event.

Dina Rudick/Globe Staff

Baker defends approach to transgender bill

Governor Baker defended his noncommittal approach to a transgender bill Thursday, a day after advocates booed him.

// Duxbury father wins student loan relief, seeks more change

Robert Murphy?s case was being watched nationally amid growing concern about escalating education debt.

// A mother?s depiction of daughter?s overdose touches thousands

The demons of opioid addiction finally claimed Kelsey Endicott. Her mother?s heart-rending response went viral.


// Can the Celtics get past the Hawks in first round?

Hard work didn?t pay off for the Celtics. It just led to a harder path.

// Patriots to open 2016 season in Arizona

The Patriots face all four AFC North and NFC West teams in 2016, plus Denver, Houston, and their AFC East rivals.

// Cheating is no running joke at Boston Marathon

The watchdogs are determined to root out the illegitimate runners.

Most doctors ill-equipped to give end-of-life care, survey finds

Nearly all doctors believe it?s important to talk with patients about their final days. But most work in systems that provide little help.

// New England Aquarium has its own octopus escape story

Don?t expect a repeat performance. The institution has developed better containment technologies.

// Texting at the movies? AMC getting bad reviews for idea

?You can?t tell a 22-year-old to turn off their cellphone,? the company?s CEO said. ?That?s not how they live their life.?

Ground Game

Ground Game

// Despite Trump, many Republicans seeking office in 2016

Some fear a Trump nomination could affect down-ballot races ? but some local Republicans are lining up to run for office anyway.

The Big Picture

Wild Chernobyl

What happens to the environment when humans disappear? Chernobyl, site of a nuclear disaster 30 years ago, gives us part of an answer.