Top N.E. Republicans to skip GOP convention

The Republican Party?s national confab will play host to a brutal floor battle for the nomination if the current front-runner, Donald Trump, does not get enough delegates.

// Claude Julien to return as Bruins coach next season

Julien has been Boston?s coach since 2007, but missed the playoffs the last two seasons.

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// Don Sweeney made right call to keep Claude Julien

The Bruins coach squeezed good results out of a not-so-good roster this season. Now he needs some defensemen.

// Closing date set for Pilgrim nuclear power plant

Plant operator Entergy has previously said it would close the facility in mid-2019.

// IndyCar promoters complete negotiations with officials

Race organizers said they have signed agreements with the City of Boston and several state agencies.

// Pension board shouldn?t fight transparency, MBTA official says

Chief administrator Brian Shortsleeve urged the board to embrace a judge?s ruling on opening its records to the public.

MIT student crunches data ? to create guide to student underwear colors

A strange tradition shared via student e-mails led to an unscientific revelation about who wears what type of drawers.

// Baker, Walsh team up against legalizing marijuana

A newly formed opposition group sets the stage for a bitter and expensive battle this fall.

// Activists boo Baker during speech at LGBT event

More than 1,000 people packed a hotel ballroom in hopes of hearing Governor Baker declare support for the transgender bill.

Catherine Malatesta and Peter Clifford on prom night, May 29, 2015. Catherine died weeks later of a rare cancer.

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?The Sisterhood of the Traveling Prom Dress?

The last thing they saw Catherine Malatesta in was her prom dress. And now her friends are honoring her memory by taking turns to wear it to their prom.

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// What your money gets you in Greater Boston real estate

A sampling of the kind of properties available at $250,000, $500,000, and $1 million.


// Trump would be a disaster, but Cruz would be apocalyptic

Wanting Donald Trump out of the GOP race does not mean Ted Cruz is an acceptable alternative. He manifestly is not.

FOXBORO, MA - OCTOBER 25: Dominique Easley #99 of the New England Patriots hits a goal post with a breast cancer awareness logo before a game against the New York Jets at Gillette Stadium on October 25, 2015 in Foxboro, Massachusetts. (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

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Patriots decide it?s better to pay Dominique Easley to go

?Saw that coming,? one of Easley?s former Patriots teammates said upon hearing the news. ?Injuries and locker room cancer.?

// Developer scales back ?skinny tower?

The Swiss developer behind a proposed ?skinny tower? on Tremont Street has shaved his building?s height ? again.

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// New ?Jungle Book? is a weird and wondrous adventure

Disney?s live-action/CGI remake of its 1967 film is a thing of digitized beauty until its formulaic smackdown of an ending.

// Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz to speak at BC commencement

The Fall River native served as the Obama administration?s nuclear science point man for the high-stakes negotiations with Iran.

// Does living near a highway kill you?

The study of so-called ultrafine particles adds to the growing body of evidence of the dangers of living near busy roads.

Ground Game

ground game

// Paul Ryan, the GOP?s white knight? Maybe not

One problem: The House speaker would have had to go from zero to 1,237 delegates supporting him in a matter of days.

The Big Picture

Wild Chernobyl

What happens to the environment when humans disappear? Chernobyl, site of a nuclear disaster 30 years ago, gives us part of an answer.