Campaign against marijuana begins

A newly formed opposition group ? the Campaign for a Safe and Healthy Massachusetts ? sets the stage for a bitter and expensive battle this fall.

Governor Charlie Baker spoke at the 10th Annual Boston Spirit LGBT Executive Networking Night at the Marriott hotel in Copley Place.

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Activists boo Baker during speech at LGBT event

More than 1,000 people packed a hotel ballroom in hopes of hearing Governor Baker declare support for the transgender bill.

// Green Line extension walking path redesigned

Consultants said the original plan would have cost about $100 million. The revision would cost $20 million.


// Will GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt be the new business voice of Boston?

Can General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt channel his cockiness into actual community leadership?

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Building state budget from scratch could save taxpayers money

At nearly $40 billion, there?s a lot of ?stuff? baked into the budget and carried over year to year.

State hires 19 new nursing home inspectors

The Massachusetts public health commissioner made the move amid concerns about state oversight of troubled facilities.

// Teen issued citation in fatal Weymouth crash

A teen driver was issued a citation for motor vehicle homicide in the crash that killed 15-year-old Kate McCarthy in Weymouth.

$15 million gift to help bolster Tufts? Tisch College

The donation will go establish professorships, fellowships, and internships in what will now be called the Jonathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life.

Lydia Lowe, codirector of the Chinese Progressive Association in Chinatown, Russell Eng, a volleyball coach, and former resident Wesley Wong are concerned about the park.

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New evidence of the dangers of living near highways

The study of so-called ultrafine particles adds to the growing body of evidence of the dangers of living near highways and other busy roads.

// A small-town barber and a million-dollar gift

Residents in Athol were stunned when a quiet barber died and left $1.4 million to town?s library in his wife?s memory.

Yvonne Abraham

?Congrats, you?ve been admitted to Suffolk University!?

?Please, choose us! And please, pay no mind to the grown-ups acting like vindictive children here on Tremont Street.?

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// Guidelines say patients should be told of double surgeries

The world?s largest surgeons? group says the controversial practice is permissible within limits but that patients should be informed.

//[1].jpg For parents of autistic kids, 22nd birthday can arrive with dread

That?s the day publicly funded special education programs in Mass. and most states come to an end.

Harvard University in Cambridge.

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Harpoon president apolgizes for remarks on Harvard club

Charles Storey had suggested that admitting women to one of Harvard?s exclusive final clubs could lead to more sexual assaults.

TV Critic?s Corner

// ?Vikings? vs. ?Game of Thrones??

It?s not ?Game of Thrones,? but at times, ?Vikings? gives me just as much pleasure.


// Celtics roar back to beat Heat

The Celtics rallied from a 26-point deficit at TD Garden and will play Hawks in first round of playoffs.

Ground Game

ground game

// Paul Ryan, the GOP?s white knight? Maybe not

One problem: The House speaker would have had to go from zero to 1,237 delegates supporting him in a matter of days.

The Big Picture

Wild Chernobyl

What happens to the environment when humans disappear? Chernobyl, site of a nuclear disaster 30 years ago, gives us part of an answer.