State Senate approves charter bill

The bill would give advocates the chance to open more charter schools in Boston and other low-performing districts.

// Gay business group rescinds Charlie Baker?s honor

The National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce objected to Baker?s plan to speak at a conservative conference.

// GOP can use federal funds to aid Baker, regulators say

Critics say the ruling challenges the state?s ability to control political campaign funding.

// Plan for 49-story high-rise above South Station is on again

A new investor and an impending deadline are combining to kick-start a long-stalled tower proposed for above South Station.

Adrian Walker

//[1]-10622.jpg Decades of Lexington students remember their beloved ?Mrs. P.?

Sandi Peaslee was a force of nature who taught music at Lexington High School for 30 years.

Shirley Leung

// Gay Talese?s controversial words: An annotated transcript

If anything, the Gay Talese contretemps shows how men are from Mars and women are from Venus.

// Josh Titus, well-known basketball inspiration from Maine, dies at 25

Titus, an autistic man who inspired people nationwide with his performance in a high school basketball game seven years ago, has died.

Steve Wynn stood in front of a model of his planned Everett casino.


?Nobody likes being around poor people,? Steve Wynn reportedly says

The founder of Wynn Resorts, who plans to build a $2 billion resort casino in Everett, may have just put his foot in his mouth.


// How the Republicans painted themselves into this corner

Republicans have spent years nurturing the extremism for which Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are merely the next logical step.

// Wrestling program helps vulnerable Boston schoolchildren

The privately funded initiative gives students a way to channel aggression and learn the values of teamwork.

Katherine Taylor for The Boston Globe

Activists disrupt Newton forum on prejudice

The forum followed a spate of anti-Semitic and racist incidents in the city?s schools in recent months.

// Donald Trump broke all the political rules. Is he paying for it now?

From his announcement speech last summer until now, there are two things Trump has done with consistency: insult and win.

// Trump looks to N.Y. to get his campaign back on track

The real estate mogul turned GOP presidential hopeful looks to re-boot his campaign in his home state.

// In Cambridge, man shoots his former boss, DA says

The gunman, who shot himself to death and wounded his former boss, has been identified as Kermit Hooks Jr. of Framingham.

Author Dan Lyons signed books at the launch party for

Kayana Szymczak for The Boston Globe

HubSpot book author said he would have given manuscript to company

?I think that would have been the easiest way to get it,? Dan Lyons said. ?I don?t why all the cloak and dagger.?

// ?Idol? plumbs history, crowns final winner

If you watched the last episode of ?American Idol? on Thursday night, you got a refresher course in 15 seasons of contestants.

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// Rape survivors have fewer rights than you?d think. Amanda Nguyen is trying to change that.

How one millennial has assembled a volunteer team to fix what?s wrong in Massachusetts and all across the US.

// Bruins still need help to make the playoffs

They don?t win a tiebreaker against the Red Wings, and if the Flyers win their final two games, the Bruins are out.

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OPINION | Elizabeth R. DeSombre

// Panama Papers and false flags

Shipping is as opaque as banking because states with the power to reform it are making money.

Ground Game

ground game

// This week, the Democratic primary got personal

The battle between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton has grown especially heated.

The Big Picture

 An ethnic Chinese Malaysian family visits the grave of an ancestor at a cemetery on the eve of the annual Qingming Festival in Kuala Lumpur on April 3. Qingming, also known as Tomb Sweeping Day, is an annual Chinese festival to commemorate the dead. Families visit and clean the graves of their ancestors, burning incence, paper money and presenting offerings such as food, tea, wine and joss paper accessories. (Manan Vatsyayana/AFP/Getty Images)

Manan Vatsyayana/AFP/Getty Images

The Big Picture

Qingming Festival, Tomb Sweeping Day

The Qingming Festival was marked by people visiting cemeteries to clean tombs, lay flowers, and make offerings to the deceased.