AFC Championship: Broncos 20, Patriots 18


Patriots unable to master the road game

The team that started 10-0 didn?t reach the Super Bowl because it had to win a road game in a tough venue.


// Patriots have had many Rocky Mountain lows in Denver

If Tom Brady and Bill Belichick were a cellphone carrier, then the Mile High City would be a dead zone.

Ben Volin | On football

// Broncos? defensive line kept up the pressure

Tom Brady was hit 20 times, the most hits taken by any quarterback in any game this season.

Demaris Villanueva reviewed forms to enroll her son, 3-year-old Israel, in one of Denver?s public schools.

Bob Pearson for The Boston Globe

Learning Curve

Denver?s unified school enrollments may offer Boston a lesson

One-stop shopping for public, magnet, charter, and innovations schools has proved popular in Colorado.

// Some N.H. voters are flexible when it comes to ideology

A fickle and potentially pivotal slice of the electorate finds itself flirting with seemingly contradictory possibilities.

// Sanders, Clinton seek support from women in N.H. primary

To win the state, Bernie Sanders must ensure that he does not lose ground with female voters.

//[1].jpg Logan Airport international terminal?s size an issue

A host of new flights starting in the spring will further crowd often-packed Terminal E, which last year handled a record number of travelers.

Adrian Walker

// SEIU head rose from low-wage worker to labor boss

Tyrék Lee initially refused to sign his union card when he was hired as a telephone operator.

A man pushed a wheelbarrow full of stones he was clearing from a flooded street after high tide.

Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff

For many in Mass., day after snowfall was easy sledding

The storm left a foot of snow across much of the Cape and 3 to 6 inches across much of eastern Mass. ? but some got just a dusting.


// Probiotics come with health claims, but science is shaky

Probiotics are said to improve digestive and immune health. Scientific evidence, however, does not necessarily support those claims.

//[1].jpg Boston police aim to lower routine-complaint backlog

The time it takes to resolve the cases has frustrated citizens and the officers who live in the shadow of possible action.

// Mass. strives to further reduce ranks of uninsured

The state, already with the lowest rate of uninsured people in the country, is making a fresh push to lower that rate.

photograph by john goodman

alex beam

On John Updike and eternity

Faith is hard to come by. How did Updike ? an intellectual and an ironist, and a prodigious, visible sinner ? maintain his?

The best reason to support Hillary Clinton isn?t the weaknesses of her opponents; it?s her demonstrated strengths and experience.

Editorial | N.H. Primary Endorsement

Hillary Clinton deserves Democratic nomination

The best reason to support Clinton isn?t the weaknesses of her opponents; it?s her demonstrated strengths and experience.

// PETA?s new tactic to spare lab animals: funding research

The group expects to spend more than $200,000 this year supporting those working on alternatives to animal testing.

// Australian Open betting raises more match-fixing suspicions

Large amounts of money poured into an obscure match, days after reports claimed tennis officials ignored signs of a scandal.

// GE focusing on planes, trains, and . . . software

The company is several years into an effort to become one of the world?s biggest software suppliers.

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Ground Game

Ground Game

// Poll shows Sanders leading Clinton in N.H.

Geographically, Sanders is bolstered by independent voters and clusters of support along the state?s border with Vermont.

Globe investigations

// Globe investigations and Spotlight reports

A look at high-impact investigations from The Boston Globe, including the Pulitzer Prize-winning report on abuse in the Catholic Church.

The Big Picture

Jake May/The Flint via AP

Water crisis in Flint, Mich.

Thousands of residents in Michigan have been exposed to toxic amounts of lead, including about 9,000 children.

The story behind 'Spotlight'

// Boston Globe coverage and the movie ?Spotlight?

?Spotlight? is based on the stories and the reporters behind the investigation of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.



// Scientists, coders to study how brains learn

Harvard neuroscientists are teaming up with coders on a massive project to understand and mimic how the human brain learns.


John L. Allen Jr. | All Things Catholic

// Pope takes quieter path in opposing abortion, gay marriage

A pope?s impact is measured not just by what he says or does, but also by which impulses in Catholicism rise or fall on his watch.

Globe Insiders

Design New England

// Home Sweets Home

Interior designer Holly Joe cooks up the love in her sophisticated yet cozy family house in Westwood.