Health expenses surging in state

The website, where people can buy health insurance, was displayed on a laptop screen.

Don Ryan/AP/ FILE 2014

The rise in health care costs for insurers ? and subsequently consumers ? comes after prices moderated in recent years.

// In N.H., Hillary Clinton hits on opioid abuse as a top concern

Clinton said she would work to make Narcan available to all police departments, and would make treatment programs accessible to more people.

// Body found in Charles River was missing NU student

The body of Dennis Njoroge, 21, was found near the Arthur Fiedler footbridge last week.

// 6.7 magnitude earthquake hits India, leaves 4 dead

The earthquake killed at least four people, injured 100 others, and caused damage to several buildings.

Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station started operation in 1972 and will close no later than June 2019.

Craig. F. Walker/Globe Staff

Suit faults state record in cutting emissions

Environmental advocates insist the state has fallen behind and needs a major course correction to meet requirements.

// House speaker DeLeo says no new taxes for 2016

Despite relatively good economic times, Speaker Robert DeLeo said the middle class is still getting squeezed.

Boston City Councilor Matt O?Malley.

Matt O?Malley to abandon bid for City Council president

O?Malley said Sunday he planned to support Michelle Wu ?as a means of hopefully bringing the council together.?

From left: Joseph Valbrun, 16; Chris Owens, 16; Leo Johnson, 14; and Osa Iyekekpolor, 17, lined up for seconds from teen coordinator DeLinda Sales during a holiday luncheon at the Dorchester YMCA last month.

Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff

Dinners at Dorchester YMCA building bonds among students

A sit-down meal gives staff a chance to talk with teens and makes the clubhouse feel like a home.

More insurers raise homeowner rates

Several smaller companies are following industry leaders in raising rates after last year?s damaging winter storms.

// Fidelity, American Express are parting ways

Fidelity Investments, one of the country?s largest brokerage firm, is taking its $1.7 billion credit card business to a new bank.

Globe reporter Josh Miller carried his suit and a bundle of Sunday Boston Globes to the State House as he arrived for an interview after spending the early morning hours helping fellow journalists worked to deliver the Sunday Boston Globe.

Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff

Globe, distributor trade blame as delivery woes persist

The day ended with finger pointing and no clarity about when all home subscribers could once again count on getting their newspapers.


// Delivering the Globe, one street at a time

The least we owe readers is getting the paper to them promptly. It?s on us. It?s all on us.


Tom Brady and the Patriots are now 6-8 in South Florida.


It feels like the Patriots didn?t try to win their final game

It looked as if the shorthanded Patriots didn?t think the Dolphins stood a chance.

01/03/16: Miami Gardens, FL: Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is pictured on the sidelines as the Dolphins take over the game in the fourth quarter. The New England Patriots visited the Miami Dolphins in a regular season game at Sun Life Stadium. (Globe Staff Photo/Jim Davis) section:sports topic:Patriots


Were the Patriots really going for it?

Bill Belichick said the goal in the first half was ?same as it always is ? move the ball and score points.?

// Quandrantids meteor shower to light up night sky

Stargazers might want to stay up late tonight ? the Quadrantids are coming.

 President Obama on Sunday returned to the White House from Hawaii with Malia (left), Sasha, and Michelle Obama.

Obama set to hear gun views of public

After the shootings in San Bernardino, Calif., on Dec. 2 that killed 14 people, President Obama?s initial response focused on the need for gun restrictions.

Bernie Sanders, who appeared in Worcester Saturday, almost certainly needs a victory in Iowa for his candidacy to remain viable.

Bernie Sanders, needing early lift, builds Iowa ground operation

The campaign has 100 paid staff members and trained volunteer leaders for each of the state?s caucus precincts.

?We are one of the lucky ones to be here in Massachusetts,?? Syrian refugee Amira Elamri told a Unitarian church in Newburyport.

Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff

Syrian mother tells of terrifying flight to safety

Amira Elamri shared this message during her appearance in Newburyport: refugees are people, too.

// Trump brushes off militant recruiting video citing his words

Donald Trump won?t stop saying what he thinks just because Islamic extremists use his words to recruit Muslims.

// John A.S. McGlennon, 80, of Gloucester; first New England EPA chief

Mr. McGlennon was a strong voice for the environment in the 1970s.


// Patriots may buck trend of teams who limp to finish line

Since 1978, 21 playoff teams lost either four or five of their final six games and 11 went on to lose their first playoff game.

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// For hospitals, breaking up is hard to do

Grow or die. It?s the formula for success or failure in any business ? including the health care business.

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Ground Game

Ground Game

// A campaign fundraising deadline that matters little

This time the difference between a pretty good and a pretty bad fundraising report isn?t much. If a candidate gets an extra million, it means virtually nothing.

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//[1] Donate to Globe Santa

Globe Santa delivers holiday gifts to local children in need.

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// Globe investigations and Spotlight reports

A look at high-impact investigations from The Boston Globe, including the Pulitzer Prize-winning report on abuse in the Catholic Church.

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The supermoon rises behind Glastonbury Tor on Sept. 27 in Glastonbury, England. Tonight?s supermoon, so called because it is the closest full moon to the Earth this year, is particularly rare as it coincides with a lunar eclipse, a combination that has not happened since 1982 and won?t happen again until 2033. (Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

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The big picture

2015 Year in pictures: Part II

Photographs from July - December on a range of topics from around the world.

The story behind 'Spotlight'

// Boston Globe coverage and the movie ?Spotlight?

?Spotlight? is based on the stories and the reporters behind the investigation of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.


betaboston | tech lab

// Dear FCC: Don?t fight Internet freebies

The FCC is casting a suspicious gaze on some US telecom firms that are handing out free Internet bandwidth to their customers.


The new Christian martyrs

// A faith on the rise and under attack in Africa

Africa is also widely considered the most dynamic corner of the Christian map.