E-cigarettes widely seen as harmful in new poll

Americans do think they?re less dangerous than tobacco, even though scientists haven?t come to a consensus on the risks.

// Opposition party expects landslide victory in Myanmar

Its leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, did caution supporters against provoking losing rivals, who mostly represent the former junta.

Adrian Walker

// There?s an ?R word? that?s not in this woman?s vocabulary

Carol Stamper may no longer work, but this dedicated volunteer at Dorchester?s Trotter School isn?t the retiring type.

Morgan Curtis, 25, of Canton, enrolled in a biotech certificate program at Quincy College and now finds that she has the skills that make her a hot commodity in the job market.

John Tlumacki/Globe Staff

Job training system in Mass. falls short, study says

An already strained vocational education system is unable to train enough people to fill upcoming vacancies, the report says.

// Prominent storefronts to open up as Citi flees

Citigroup Inc.?s plan to close its local bank branches frees up retail space in coveted locations from the Fenway to Porter Square.

Medical schools to bolster opioid lessons

The agreement includes medical schools at the University of Massachusetts, and Boston, Harvard, and Tufts universities.

// In IndyCar races, cities see mixed outcomes

Street races can fill hotels and restaurants with tourists, but they can also bring inconveniences.

// Mass. among the worst in US for public records access

A Washington-based news organization described public access to state documents as ?terrible.?

From left: John, Maureen, and Mark O?Connell stayed in their home and ate by candlelight during the blackout.

Globe Staff/file 1965

The day the region went dark, 50 years later

More than 35 million people were hit Nov. 9, 1965, by the Northeast Blackout, one of the largest outages in North American history.

// MBTA looks at ways to improve disabled transit service

Complaints about The Ride, funded by the T and operated by contractors, more than doubled over a four-year period.

Abbie Hausermann (left) and client Lara Andrews at Wilson Mountain Reservation in Dedham.

Barry Chin/Globe Staff

Bringing therapy to the great outdoors

?Ecotherapy? combines talk therapy with the well-documented benefits of being outside and exercising.

// Katherine Clark?s rise in D.C. has Democrats looking ahead

Party insiders, impressed by Clark?s grit and tenacity in Congress, have been buzzing about her future.

Patriots 27, Redskins 10


// Redskins weren?t a threat to Patriots, but injuries are

A team?s destiny remains as fragile as the ligaments, bones, and tendons tenuously tied to it.

Ben Volin | On Football

// Patriots? shorthanded offensive line forced to adjust

All hands were on deck Sunday thanks to a plethora of injuries, and just about everyone was playing out of position.


// Under siege over prices, drug makers ready their counterpunch

The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America is aggressively deliberating over how to rehabilitate the industry?s image.

pep montserrat for the boston globe

Gordon Brown

Education without borders

A program needs to be established to coordinate and fund education in emergencies ? specifically, and most immediately, Syrian refugee children.

// Speed probed in fatal Charles River crash

Two people died Saturday after their vehicle crashed through a guardrail and into the river near Leverett Circle.

// Let the remodeling of the Red Sox begin

This week brings the general manager?s meetings, and other ballclubs are expecting Dave Dombrowski to be active.

// The life and times of Strider Wolf

He has traveled so far, from near-fatal abuse to here, invisible among Maine?s poorest, in the care of grandparents who have little left to give but love.

The Big Picture

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Bliss Dharma Assembly

Thousands of Tibetan Buddhist monks and nuns gathered for the annual event in remote China to mark Buddha?s descent from the heavens.



// King of the Internet of Things?

The companies that build out this immense, global ?Internet of Things? will become some of the biggest and richest yet.



// New financial revelations don?t spell doom for church reforms

Francis insisted last week that church leaders can?t serve the poor if they?re seen to ?lead the life of a pharaoh.?