Alleged Hastert payments linked to sexual abuse

The former House speaker made payments to a man he allegedly sexually abused decades ago in return for the man?s silence.

Kamaia the lion appeared publicly at the Franklin Park Zoo for the first time Friday.

David L Ryan/Globe Staff

Franklin Park Zoo displays new lions for first time

Dinari and Kamaia, a pair of six-year-old cats, came in from Texas after the zoo?s former lion, Christopher, died.

Boston may rate restaurants on cleanliness, safety

The effort could resemble New York City?s prominently posted letter grades for establishments.

// Silk Road founder gets life in prison for drug-selling site

A judge in Manhattan federal court announced the sentence Friday for 31-year-old Ross Ulbricht.

Jeff Kinney, author of the best-selling ?Diary of a Wimpy Kid,? inside his new bookstore An Unlikely Story in Plainville.

Barry Chin/Globe Staff

?Wimpy Kid? author opens bookstore in Plainville

A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held Friday at an old market turned into a bookstore by children?s author Jeff Kinney.

Somerville Police Captain Mike Cabral?s father, Joe Cabral, committed suicide.

New suicide prevention website targets middle-aged men

The number of suicides has steadily gone up in the state, driven by increasing rates among that demographic group.

// Alleged killer?s ex-girlfriend breaks down, flees stand

?I just thought he had a drinking problem,? the witness said of Edwin Alemany, who is accused of kidnapping and killing Amy Lord.

// Police seize 9 dirt bikes from Dorchester home

The bikes have been associated with shootings and robberies in the neighborhood.


Offerman addresses grads at North End woodworking school

A de-mustachioed Nick Offerman, of ?Parks and Rec? fame, was both silly and serious as he lamented the culture of consumerism.

Foxborough Ma 5/29/2015 New England Patriots QB Tom Brady (cq) at Patriots OTA Session at Gillette Stadium. Staff/Photographer Jonathan Wiggs Topic: Reporter

Tom Brady?s appeal will reportedly be heard June 23

Citing a league source, ESPN reported the date, which will be more than a month after the NFLPA filed the appeal.

Foxborough Ma 5/29/2015 New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick (cq) talks with the media after OTA Session at Gillette Stadium. Staff/Photographer Jonathan Wiggs Topic: Reporter

Bill Belichick deflects all Deflategate questions

The coach would not address Tom Brady?s suspension, saying, ?We?re on to next year.?

Air National Guard Lt. Col. John Klatt invited Boston Marathon bombing survivors, Celeste Corcoran from Lowell and her daughter Sydney, 20, to fly in formation over the Merrimack Valley. Klatt is one of the top performing aerobatic pilots in the country. He will be performing with his fellow stunt-pilots of the John Klatt Airshows this Saturday and Sunday along with the Blue Angels at the Quonset Air Show in Rhode Island where the Corcorans will be his VIP guests. Celeste(left) and Sydney walk to the plane Celeste flew in reflected in a puddle from a rainshower.

Corcorans join Air National Guard pilot for special fight

Marathon bombing survivors Celeste and Sydney Corcoran joined one of the top aerobatic pilots in the country for a flight over the Merrimack Valley.

Evan Horowitz | Quick Study

// The NSA is about to stop collecting your phone records

If Congress does nothing this weekend, a lot will happen.


Scott Kirsner | Innovation Economy

Free iced coffee? It?s the hot new perk at Boston startups

Forget craft beer on tap. There?s a new, free-flowing beverage making an appearance in the office kitchen.

A view of San Francisco?s Telegraph Hill in the 1860s.

Library of Congress


A road trip that predates cars

?Across the Continent: A Stage Ride Over the Plains, To the Rocky Mountains, the Mormons, and the Pacific States? is something of a travel guide to Manifest Destiny.

Ray Flynn reigned over Boston from 1984 until his somewhat abrupt departure in the summer of 1993.

Adrian Walker

Raymond Flynn International Airport, anyone? Anyone?

Underlying the back-and-forth over how Boston should honor the former mayor is the complicated matter of his legacy itself.


The pope is coming; bishops, start your tweets

Pope Francis is using Twitter effectively. Now that he?s coming to the US, a handful of tweeting bishops are pushing their reluctant peers to sign on.

Ground Game

// N.H. endorsement tracker

James Pindell tracks the state?s 115 most desirable endorsements for Democrats seeking the presidency.



// Jeb Bush has a lot of explaining to do

A host of family-connected reasons could explain the often pained look on Jeb?s face.

The Big Picture

Cody Duty/Houston Chronicle via AP

Texas flooding

Major rainfall over the past few days has caused severe flooding and property damage in parts of Texas.