Glitch cuts off food stamps

The state?s efforts to modernize the program and root out fraud have instead cut off thousands from their benefits.

Woman indicted on charges of cheating One Fund Boston

Officials allege Joanna Leigh was at the Marathon on the day of the bombings, but was not injured like she claimed.

Remnants of the Airbus A320, which crashed on Tuesday killing all 150 on board, were found near Seyne-les-Alpes.

Tragedy renews worries over crew mental health

The Germanwings crash is raising questions about whether the aviation industry is doing enough to screen for mental illness.

Boston, Massachusetts -- 07/05/2014-- Boston Red Sox David Ortiz reacts after flying out to center against the Baltimore Orioles during the seventh inning of American League action in the second game of a double header in Boston, Massachusetts July 5, 2014. Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff Topic: RedSoxOrioles Reporter:

Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff

David Ortiz is still haunted by failed drug test

The stigma has stuck to Ortiz like pine tar, scarring his legacy and threatening to keep him out of the Hall of Fame.

This rare clubmoss is one of many unusual plants found in the challenging alpine environments in New England. (Elizabeth Farnsworth)

New England?s plants face significant threat

A report found 22 percent of all native plant species in New England are now either extinct, rare, or declining.

Boston Marathon bombing trial


// What this trial is all about

Dr. Jennifer Hammers, who performed the autopsy on Krystle Campbell, testified in the Marathon bombing trial Thursday.

Tools and other items were found in the Cambridge apartment.

Bomb victim?s injuries described to Tsarnaev jurors

The mood in the courtroom shifted when the medical examiner described how Krystle Marie Campbell was killed in the first explosion.

// Two buildings collapse after gas blast in NYC

Officials said the incident in Manhattan?s East Village injured at least 19 people.

Route 3 could get express toll lanes

A 17-mile section of Route 3 could get two express toll lanes to help ease traffic during rush hour, officials say.

Arthur Canter, 67, of Mattapoisett, is among those enrolled in the groundbreaking drug trial.

Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff

Researchers seek to short-circuit Alzheimer?s

A landmark study is the first medical trial to test whether a drug can prevent the disease in people who are at risk.

For James Normil (left), college has been a series of starts and stops as life got in the way. Now he is closer to a degree than ever before thanks to an innovative new model for higher education from the charter school organization, Match Education. Instead of racking up the traditional classroom hours, Normil, who works for a nonprofit in Dorchester, earns credit for his degree by demonstrating skills through self-paced online projects that are then graded. He has completed 70 percent of the necessary coursework so far.


Bringing a charter-school approach to college

Supporters say such programs could give more people a route to the middle class, but opponents worry it could actually increase inequality.

Nantucket saw its population jump 2.7 percent last year, according to data from the US Census Bureau.

Nantucket is fastest growing county in Mass.

The state?s smallest county saw its population jump 2.7 percent last year, new data from the US Census Bureau shows.

Edwin Schlossberg wanted the visitor experience at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the US Senate to be immersive rather than passive. // photo by Stephen Wilkes

Behind the Kennedy Institute experience with Edwin Schlossberg

The story behind the software, the programs, the tablets, and Ted Kennedy?s vision for his institute.

Shane Victorino has worked with fellow outfielder Mookie Betts throughout spring camp.

Dan Shaughnessy

Victorino episode a rare brush fire in Red Sox camp

The Red Sox? glut of big league-ready outfielders in the spring of 2015 was bound to bubble over at some point.


The real audience at N.H. town hall meetings

The tradition may seem quaint, but this hallmark of first-in-the-nation presidential campaigns has morphed into political theater for interest groups.

Members of the Yemeni security forces and tribal gunmen, both loyal to the Huthi movement, brandished their weapons during a gathering Thursday in Sanaa to show support the Shiite Huthi militia and against the Saudi-led intervention in the country.

Evan Horowitz

What happened, and what?s next in the Yemen conflict

The country has been engulfed by war, threatening the balance of power in the region and imperiling a key US ally in the fight against terrorism.

Ben Affleck testifies before Congress, mentions Batman

Affleck said a special hello to Sen. Patrick Leahy, who had a cameo role in ?The Dark Knight Rises.?

The vote marks a rare achievement for House Speaker John Boehner and House minority leader Nancy Pelosi, who negotiated the compromise.

House passes bipartisan Medicare payment deal

The bill would terminate a faulty Medicare payment system and spare doctors and patients the annual threat of severe cuts.

Marathon trial podcast

// Episode 12: Tsarnaev?s texts and other digital data

This interactive timeline highlights trial coverage and a podcast featuring Globe columnist Kevin Cullen and WBUR reporter David Boeri.



// Boston 2024, or The Raven Returns

John Fish and other organizers failed to provide adequate answers as to how they?ll achieve the Olympics without taxpayer money.

The Big Picture

Bob Leverone/Getty Images

Mascots bring the spirit

With the NCAA Tournament underway, the mascots are out in force to bring good luck to their teams.