Charlie Baker vows to tackle state?s opiate problem

?We have a prescription medication problem, which I think is where most of this starts,? the governor-elect said.

Adrian Walker

Charlie Baker?s next campaign

Baker has to continue to do something he excelled at during the campaign: He has to show up in long-marginalized areas.

// A bit of advice for the new governor

Running for governor is one thing. Governing successfully is quite another. We asked some Beacon Hill experts for their best advice.

?Simmons is aligning itself right now on the right side of history,? said Danny Boucher, a 21-year-old junior who was assigned as female at birth and now identifies as a transgender male.

Simmons College welcomes transgender students

The women?s college will accept students born female, regardless of current gender identity, and those born male who identify themselves as female.

Steward Health Care System, which acquired the Caritas chain of Catholic hospitals in 2010, took over the bankrupt Quincy Medical Center the following year.

Quincy Medical Center to close

The shutdown, to be completed by the end of the year, marks the biggest hospital closing in Mass. in at least a decade.

Moises Herrera said he was nearly deported and was kept in jail for weeks, missing the birth of his son.

Suzanne Kreiter/Globe Staff

Immigrants pinning hopes on Obama

Millions of immigrants nationwide are waiting for President Obama to keep his promise to spare them from deportation.

Ray Rice had his arbitration hearing this week, but even if he is reinstated, it?s doubtful a team will sign him EPA/ANDREW GOMBERT


NFL plays on, unscathed by a rash of scandals

We love our football. And how silly to think that it was ever threatened.

Monty Moore revisited the location where the iconic photograph of him saluting Thomas M. Menino?s funeral motorcade was taken.

Salute to Menino procession has iconic power

Monty Moore put on his best clothes and then his sunglasses, knowing he might cry as Tom Menino?s funeral procession passed by.

Shirley Leung

No more excuses for inequality on Mass. boards

If companies don?t get why they need more women to shatter the glass ceiling, let me appeal to their bottom lines.

Jimmy Fallon and Denis Leary at last year?s ?Comics Come Home? event at Agganis Arena.

Leary celebrates ?Comics Come Home? at the Garden

Comedian Denis Leary and friends? cancer benefit moves to TD Garden for their 20-year blowout.