Suffolk Downs officials ask gaming panel to reconsider

Race track officials are citing recent indictments against the sellers of the Everett property where Wynn wants to build.

//'donnell,%20joseph%20-%20booking%20photo.jpg Former Mattapan funeral home director indicted on 278 charges

Police say they found 77 human remains and 12 bodies in April at storage facilities in Somerville and Weymouth.

ACLU accuses Boston of ?racially biased policing?

Top police officials said the study is based on outdated data, and does not reflect changes undertaken since 2011.

// ?Exceptional responders? studied for cancer treatment clues

Researchers are harnessing a powerful arsenal of tools to unlock the secrets of individuals who respond well to experimental drugs.

A tree rested on a house on Mountain Road in Easthampton following Wednesday's storm.

Mark M. Murray/The Republican

Microburst confirmed as cause of Easthampton damage

The damage to homes, trees, and power lines Tuesday night was caused by a microburst.

A public health advertisement in Monrovia.

Evan Horowitz

How the Ebola outbreak spun out of control

The virus may claim tens or even hundreds of thousands of lives before it is quelled.

Lithograph of the 1883 volcanic eruption on Krakatoa.


The loudest sound ever heard on Earth

A volcanic eruption on an Indonesian island in 1883 released a noise that circled the planet four times.

Magazine | The Medical Issue

The 7-day screen time diet

Can a single week away from computers, smartphones, and other digital devices really make a difference to kids? brains?