First Ebola patient diagnosed in US dies

Thomas Eric Duncan arrived in Dallas Sept. 20 from Liberia and fell ill a few days later.

Wilmot Chayee/AP/File

Thomas Eric Duncan arrived in Dallas Sept. 20 from Liberia and fell ill a few days later.

// US to screen travelers for Ebola signs

The US has ordered agents at airports and other entry ports to observe arriving travelers for signs of the Ebola virus.

Clouds partially covered the moon as it turned orange during a total lunar eclipse as seen from Taguig, Metro Manila, in the Philippines.

Stunning lunar eclipse in Asia, parts of the Americas

Lucky ones saw the moon turn orange or red in what is known as a ?blood moon.?

A 3-D version of Greater Boston was created with the $1.5 million computer model being developed by Boston 2024 to show the potential impact of the Olympic Games on the region.

High-tech tool to help make case for Boston Olympics

An elaborate 3-D computer model will be used to show residents how potential Olympic venues will, or will not, affect their lives.

Baker and Coakley

Coakley, Baker spar in high-octane morning forum

Democrat Martha Coakley and Republican Charlie Baker tangled in a heated and contentious forum.

Robel Phillipos (center) with Azamat Tazhayakov (right) and Dias Kadyrbayev (left)  in New York?s Times Square.

Two Tsarnaev friends face off in federal court

Azamat Tazhayakov is testifying against Robel Phillipos, who is accused of lying to investigators after the Marathon bombings.

// Kennedy blocks gay marriage ruling in Idaho, Nevada

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy temporarily blocked an appeals court ruling that declared gay marriage legal in those states.

Winds leave ?path of destruction? in Easthampton

The damage to homes, trees, and power lines Tuesday night was most likely not caused by a tornado.

MIT alert on chemical spill considered too strong by some

The wording of the initial alert prompted concern about what some felt was its unnecessarily alarmist tone.


Linda J. Bilmes

// Fighting the Islamic State ? how much will it cost?

The United States is about to wade into another protracted conflict, and once again there is no financial strategy.