US air war heats up in Afghanistan amid drawdown

US aircraft dropped more bombs in August in Afghanistan than in any month in two years.

Republican candidate Charlie Baker and Democratic nominee Martha Coakley faced off four weeks before the election.

Coakley, Baker are more combative in second debate

Martha Coakley and Charlie Baker clashed over the state?s child protection system and rising health care costs.


The edge goes to Baker

Using the background of Beacon Hill?s well-documented problems, Charlie Baker underscored the need for better management.


Running from the ?R? word

Debates can be entertaining, but as a roadmap to the next administration, they are woefully inadequate.

Mass. Maritime website is hacked

Officials said it appeared the maritime academy?s website was hacked by an Islamic extremist group.

Lynda Williams listened to Rhode Island state health director Dr. Michael Fine address the congregation at the Christ Center of Praise in Providence. The pastor's son Joshua Cooper, 3, rested his head on her lap.

Gretchen Ertl for The Boston Globe

Liberian natives battle Ebola from afar

In Rhode Island?s vibrant Liberian community, the Ebola epidemic has hit close to home.

// Tsarnaev friend testifies in Robel Phillipos trial

Azamat Tazhayakov said he agreed to speak in exchange for a reduced sentence on his convictions.

Gloucester, MA., 09/10/14, Dan Ryan, making chicken and vegetable stew at the Open Door Pantry. He used to be a chef at The Franklin Cafe before he was diagnosed with cancer in 2010. Not being able to work, he and his family turned to the Greater Boston Food Bank and Open Door Pantry in Gloucester for healthy eating options. He is now a chef there. Suzanne Kreiter/Globe staff (The Boston Globe.

Food pantry closes the ?meal gap?

While coping with illness and unemployment, a former professional chef turns to The Open Door to help feed his family.

The musical depicts killers and would-be killers of presidents across American history.

Stage Review

Unsettling echoes in New Rep?s intense ?Assassins?

New Repertory Theatre?s compelling production depicts killers and would-be killers of presidents across American history.

At times Sunday night, the Bengals just weren?t prepared for what the Patriots were doing. Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Patriots pushed the pace, and Bengals were thrown off

The up-tempo offense produced results in the Patriots? most satisfying win of the year.