Storms, lightning cause flooding and fires in Mass.

Lightning caused house fires in Stow and Berlin, and several communities reported flooding and power outages.

Professor Lori E. Baker placed her hand on one of the bodies taken from a paupers? grave.

Jessica Rinaldi/Globe staff

Searching for the unforgotten

Hundreds of people who have died crossing the southern border are buried without ceremony, casket, or name.


// Missing her brother

Maria Interiano?s brother Santos may have died as he tried to reach the US from El Salvador.

David Ortiz was congratulated by Dustin Pedroia after hitting a three-run homer in the third inning.

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red sox 3, rays 2

Red Sox defeat Rays in trip finale

A long home run by David Ortiz was the difference at Tropicana Field.

Kyle Gendron with his wife, Kerry, and their children.

Beverly Beckham

Looking for a silver lining as a friend prepares for death

Kyle Gendron, a good man in the middle of his life, has a wife and three young children he would give anything not to leave.


// Visiting home after Colorado legalized recreational marijuana

When I went home to visit my mom earlier this summer, I decided to investigate this new tourist attraction.

Shantel Silva, 17, of Peabody, met a potential college roommate online but decided she would rather be friends.

Services link college roommates, divide officials

Some college administrators are concerned about allowing incoming freshmen to pick their own roommates.