John O?Brien will not testify in probation trial

With the prosecution resting its case, the ex-probation chief and two top aides decided not to take the stand.

Patrick signs $36.5 billion budget

Governor Patrick vetoed $16.1 million in spending in the budget, which increases funding for education, child welfare, and drug treatment.

Evan Horowitz

// As health care costs grow, everything else shrinks

Nearly a third of all the money in the budget that Governor Patrick signed this morning goes to health care.

Baker says he would set aside $300,000 for contraception

Charlie Baker has come under fire for comments on a ruling that restricts insurance coverage for contraception.

Search continues for cause of fatal Lowell fire

Survivors began rebuilding their lives after a three-alarm fire that essentially consumed all their possessions, officials said.

Horrified Lowell residents had little time

Those who had not made it out in the first wave found themselves trapped by flames in the hallway.

Capital | Weekly poll

// Mass. economy on mend, but voters worried

Eight in 10 poll respondents say their personal financial situation is about the same or worse than it was a year ago.

Animal adoption supervisor Naomi Johnston with Camilla.

?Disturbing? conditions at city?s animal shelter

Boston moved 35 animals to other shelters and suspended the director of animal control following an investigation.



// 2016 primary circus is coming to N.H.

A cluster of possible 2016 hopefuls is making the trek to New Hampshire in what some say is the most wide-open GOP field in memory.