Boston animal shelter found in crisis

Mark Giannangelo, the acting director of animal control, has been suspended with pay while the city investigates.

Larry Lucchino said the Red Sox are ?eager to negotiate with [Jon Lester?s] representatives. It?s a question of what time is appropriate for that.??


Larry Lucchino hurt like rest of us

The Red Sox president answered a wide range of questions about the state of his team.

Haystack, launched in Baltimore in May, is expanding to Boston this week with what its 24-year-old founder calls a convenient solution to one of urban living?s great frustrations.

App allows users to claim parking spots, resell them

A new digital service called Haystack, launched in Baltimore in May, is expanding to Boston this week.

Shirley Leung

//[1].jpg Partners CEO needs calluses for criticism

The scalpels are out as the healthcare giant tries to grow, but Gary Gottlieb isn?t taking it personally.

Cancer cells may guide treatment

A Boston-based team published proof Thursday that one of the most alluring ideas in cancer treatment can work.

Kevin Cullen

// Rescuers made a quick plunge into ever-growing danger

It is the credo of people who run into burning buildings to help strangers: You save who you can, and you pray for those you can?t.

// Horrified Lowell residents had little time and few options

In two minutes, police were shouting over the radio for reinforcements as flames engulfed an apartment building and left seven people dead.

Ellen Vuong and longtime partner Torn Sak, who died in Thursday?s blaze.

Fire victims were fixture on their Lowell block

Neighbors had fond memories of the seven people who died in Thursday?s blaze.

// Community holds vigil to remember Lowell fire victims

More than 300 people participated in a traditional Cambodian Buddhist mourning ritual.


Weekly poll

// Mass. economy on the mend, but voters worry about their wallets

Eight in 10 poll respondents say their personal financial situation is about the same or worse than it was a year ago.