Casino deal would pay Boston $18m annually

A Revere casino by Mohegan Sun would pay at least $18 million annually for neighborhood improvements in East Boston.

// Tsarnaev friend, former roommate testify at trial

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev?s former roommate at UMass Dartmouth testified at the obstruction trial of Azamat Tazhayakov.

// Marathon bombing victims will get centralized help

Victims will soon get trauma, mental health, and other services at Boston Medical Center.

Daily Dose

Cause of obesity epidemic remains elusive

Researchers have been racing to determine why 36 percent of American adults are now obese. But it sometimes seems like they?re running in place.

The return of Harry Potter

A 1,500-word short story posted Tuesday on author J.K. Rowling?s fan website updates the lives of several major ?Harry Potter? characters.


// From Brighton repair shop, World Cup a beautiful sight

Mocked, ridiculed, and threatened by soccer krishnas around the globe, Dan Shaughnessy pledged to give the Beautiful Game one more chance.

David Ortiz believes it?s unfair that every time there?s talk about steroids, it seems his name comes up.  Jim Rogash/Getty Images

On baseball

Red Sox sticking together ? but for how long?

There hasn?t been finger-pointing in a wretched season. But there are cracks now for other reasons.

// Israeli launches major offensive in Gaza

As militants unleashed rockets on Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, Israel mobilized forces along the border for a possible ground invasion.


Book Review

//©JenniferTroyerPhotography.jpg ?Jennifer, Gwyneth & Me? by Rachel Bertsche

The book is less about celebrities than it is about what it?s like to be 30, semi-employed, and trying to get pregnant.