Boston, Mohegan Sun near deal on Revere casino

The deal has Mohegan Sun paying the city to offset a Revere casino, but would not allow East Boston residents to hold a binding vote.

A branch hung on the power lines and fallen limbs covered the front yard of this Lexington home after storms swept through the area Monday evening.

Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff

Heavy winds, storms march through Bay State

A series of powerful thunderstorms rumbled through Massachusetts Monday, threatening to spawn tornadoes.

Members of the Six Flags Magic Mountain amusement park security staff monitored the situation at the exit of the park after riders were injured on the Ninja coaster, in Valencia, California.

Four hurt in California roller coaster accident

The Six Flags Magic Mountain coaster hit a tree branch, leaving nearly two dozen riders hanging in the air for hours.

US cites influence by Probation leaders, DeLeo on hirings

Evidence will be introduced confirming a ?quid pro quo? agreement by which Probation Dept. officials gave jobs to Robert A. DeLeo?s favored applicants.

Boston Red Sox manager John Farrell has a World Series in his pocket, but the defense of that title has but anything but easy.

Jessica Rinaldi/The Boston Globe


Long season starting to age John Farrell

Throughout a dismal season, John Farrell has managed to guide these Red Sox with very few brushfires breaking out.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, left, appointed Chief Joseph E. Finn, at podium, as the next commissioner and chief of the Boston Fire Department.

Kevin Cullen

The chief point of character

Marty Walsh did the smart thing, not only in making Joe Finn the commissioner of the Boston Fire Department, but in making Finn chief, too.

A student and a lab technician collected biomass core samples of sediment (at left) in Dorothy Cove in Nahant for the Northeastern University Marine Science Center.

Atop a bluff, Northeastern mines for federal dollars, cachet

Northeastern?s pursuit of the research money for its marine science center provides a case study of how universities are competing for federal dollars.

James Merrill is accused of helping to mastermind a $1 billion business fraud, one of the biggest of all time.

Stunned, friends rally behind TelexFree cofounder

Neighbors called him the consummate family man, but James Merrill is now awaiting trial for allegedly helping run one of the largest pyramid schemes ever.


Book Review

//©JenniferTroyerPhotography.jpg ?Jennifer, Gwyneth & Me? by Rachel Bertsche

The book is less about celebrities than it is about what it?s like to be 30, semi-employed, and trying to get pregnant.