Lawyer asks court to expedite release of John Connolly

A lawyer for the ex-FBI agent argued there are no grounds to reinstate his conviction for a 1982 slaying.

// Scott Walker allegedly part of ?criminal scheme?

Federal prosecutors said the Wis. governor illegally coordinated with conservative groups and figures, including Karl Rove.

// Browns coach says Patriots may have had Jets playbook

Mike Pettine?s comments in a Sports Illustrated story cast new suspicions.

// Iraqi forces hold on in fight for oil refinery

Soldiers are battling Sunni militants for control of the country?s largest oil refinery.

CDC probes possible anthrax exposure

About 75 staff members were being monitored or given antibiotics.

Movie Review

?Jersey Boys? has no Broadway spirit

You need to bring nostalgia and a taste for dentist-drill close harmonies to enjoy the big-screen musical.

// BRA delays plan to move staging area

The agency will work with horse-drawn carriage drivers to find a suitable spot.

Mackenzie Bryan of Phoenix at the Arlington Greek Festival.

Bouncy houses: safer than you think?

It?s bouncy house season again. After two high-profile accidents out of state, should parents be worried?

The canal viewed from Buzzards Bay; the vertical lift railroad bridge appears first, with the Bourne Bridge behind it.

Cape Cod Canal celebrating 100 years

The engineering marvel changed our vacation playground forever.


// Supreme Court strikes down abstract software patents

The decision had been called for by a coalition of tech industry giants including Google, Amazon, and Facebook.


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