Iraqi cleric?s call fuels fear of sectarian war

A top Shi?ite cleric implored his followers to take up arms against Sunni militants who have captured broad stretches of territory.

// Chaos renews question of splitting up Iraq

Creating three semiautonomous regions may now be the best option to create stability, a number of analysts say.

49 dead after Ukrainian rebels shoot down military plane

Fighters used anti-aircraft and heavy caliber machine guns to bring down the transport plane, officials said.

// At convention, last-ditch maneuvering among candidates

On the eve of Saturday?s vote, the five Democratic candidates for governor angled for a strong showing.

Patrick?s SJC pick a Mass. milestone

Geraldine Hines currently serves on the state?s appeals court.

The celebrated Russian pianist Denis Matsuev will take the stage of Harvard University?s Sanders Theatre for a solo piano recital.

Pavel Antonov

Critic?s Notebook

Russian musicians? support for Putin not playing well

Whether their endorsements flow from sincere personal beliefs, the pro-Putin stance of many musicians is catching up with them overseas.

Brock Holt slides across the plate while scoring on a Dustin Pedroia double in the seventh inning. (Barry Chin/Globe Staff)


Red Sox rough up Cleveland Indians

Every Sox starter reached base at least once, and all but one scored a run.

The Kings celebrated winning the Stanley Cup after defeating the Rangers in Game 5.

Kings 3, Rangers 2 (2 OT)

Kings win Stanley Cup

The Kings defeated the Rangers, 3-2, Friday night to win their second Stanley Cup in three seasons.

// Pilots may have skipped checklist before Hanscom crash

Data from the flight recorder suggested that pilots did not check to see if their controls worked before takeoff.


// Take the Globe Opinion news quiz, June 13, 2014

Were you paying attention this week? Test your knowledge of electoral politics, presidential birthday celebrations, and fruit juice brands.

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The Joyce coin was searched for a flat surface and the ideal spot within the left eyeglass lens

Greatness on the tiniest stage

What appears to be a smudge defacing a coin commemorating Irish novelist James Joyce is, instead, a miniature reproduction of the writer?s 300-page short story collection, ?Dubliners.?