Scott Brown defends ties to Florida company

Democrats and GOP opponents are blasting Brown for a stock deal with the company and are calling for him to release financial documents.

The scene of the Hanscom Field plane crash.

David L. Ryan/Globe Staff

Flight recorders are found in Hanscom crash

The devices could provide information about the cause of the crash, and investigators had been looking for them.

Evan Horowitz

Mass. on its way to meeting new climate regulations

Mass. has cut its power plant emissions significantly since 2005 and is on pace to meet the target in the EPA’s new proposal.

John Lackey delivered in the first inning.

Jason Miller/Getty Images


Red Sox’ winning streak ends at seven

John Lackey allowed three runs over eight innings, and the Red Sox weren’t able to get past the Indians in Cleveland.


North Attleboro coach really knows the score

Not all winners finish first, as the gracious Derek Herber showed in reporting a scoring error that cost his team.

Dan Marino was in Cleveland May 2 for the inaugural Pro Football Hall of Fame Fan Fest.

Dan Marino files concussion lawsuit against NFL

The Hall of Fame quarterback is one of 15 former players who filed a lawsuit in federal court in Philadelphia last week.

Five overlooked pop albums of 2014

Five overlooked albums so far this year, including the recent release from Dawn Landes.