Romney urges GOP to back minimum wage hike

“I part company with many of the conservatives in my party on the issue,” Mitt Romney said on MSNBC.

‘Under God’ will remain in pledge, Mass. SJC rules

The court rejected the idea that the phrase in the Pledge of Allegiance violates the religious rights of an atheist couple.


Rivalry unleashed as dog walkers clash on trail

“You’ll never walk a dog again!” Noreen Carson said Maria Podolskaya screamed at her, while allegedly kicking Carson’s ankle.

shirley leung

// Mothers being wooed to restart careers

So many women have left corporate America that the female brain drain can no longer be ignored.

Bruins goal-scorer Matt Fraser (25) was at the center of the postgame celebration.

Barry Chin/Globe Staff

Kevin Paul Dupont

In clash of styles, Bruins find a new weapon

Game 4 hero Matt Fraser may have helped tip the balance of power the Bruins’ way in their series vs. Canadiens.


Dominique Easley bolsters Patriots defense

Easley fits the profile of the upfield interior defensive lineman the Patriots have been looking for. “He is an explosive player,” said Bill Belichick.


Can Boston be an innovation hub if it can’t house students?

The city has failed to get the basics right for its student population.


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Dominique Easley missed much of last season due to a knee injury.

A closer look at Dominique Easley

The Patriots first-round pick appears to have a goofy personality. And while the Patriots love him, other talent evaluations are mixed.