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Kerry, Assad trade warnings over potential US strike

Secretary of State John Kerry told Syrian President Bashar Assad to turn over his chemical weapons to avoid an attack, while Assad said the US should “expect every action” if they strike.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Moscow will push Syria to place its chemical weapons under international control.

Russia to push Syria to surrender chemical weapons

The Russian foreign minister said Moscow will push Syria to place its chemical weapons under international control.

Menino pushes plan to boost housing

The mayor’s goal to build 30,000 homes could significantly alter the housing landscape.

Hugo Van Vuuren (second from left) with Harvard’s Martin Camacho, Patrick Coats, and Brandon Liu.

Harvard makes space for venture capitalist

The university appears to be the first to officially collaborate with an investment firm to help students explore starting businesses before graduation.

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// Tom Brady saved the day for Patriots

Brady showed Sunday he is human spackle for the Patriots, the ultimate coverall to mask deficiencies and unsightly appearances.

Buffalo’s Kyle Williams sacked Tom Brady in the fourth quarter.

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Patriots offense could struggle for awhile

Sunday’s game was also a sobering reality for the Patriots. The team has some talent on offense, but they’re currently lacking in players Tom Brady can trust.

Bill Walczak (left) met with bicycle advocate Galen Mook and others before riding with the group to Allston. Walczak says he wants to be mayor “because I really love Boston and I know what the potential is.”

The mayoral race: the candidates

Bill Walczak is no stranger to challenges

Walczak, who helped revive Dorchester’s Codman Square, is making the case that he is the only candidate in the race bold enough to lead Boston forward.

Will Middlebrooks, right, was greeted by teammate Mike Napoli after hitting a home run in the ninth inning Sunday.

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Red Sox only focused on October now

The Red Sox are going to win the AL East, so they can focus on the big picture -- like getting their players healthy for the playoffs.


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// Let there be night

When Thomas Edison coaxed a carbonized cotton thread to burn for 14 hours in October of 1879, he lit the world — and murdered sleep.


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Ortiz is hitting .312 with 26 homers and 90 RBIs and a .958 OPS in 121 games, missing almost three weeks at the start of the season.

David Ortiz belongs in AL MVP race

The Red Sox don’t seem to have a prime contender for the award, but Ortiz deserves consideration for powering the Boston offense.


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Helping students crack computer science code

Beaver Country Day School in Chestnut Hill is teaching computer coding — a marketable skill, and one that tech companies want taught everywhere.


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Arsenio Hall is ready to get back in the game with a new late night show premiering Monday.

Arsenio Hall begins new late night show

The stand-up comic and actor enjoyed six successful years before calling it quits to spend time working on a family.