Health law coverage can be tough sell in some states

Rachel Perry (left) talked about health care enrollment with Deborah Young, who is self-employed, in Dallas.

Ralph Lauer for the Boston Globe

The experience of nonprofit Enroll America illustrates the challenges facing the White House and supporters of the health care overhaul.

// Boston mayoral rivals give environmental aims

In response to questions submitted by the Globe, nine of the 12 mayoral candidates proposed a range of novel ideas.

MBTA says citations for fare evaders on decline

Fare evasion citations on the MBTA have dropped 11 percent from a year ago as Transit Police have increased their vigilance.

Dan Shaughnessy

Lots of intriguing story lines in Los Angeles

On the one-year anniversary of the trade that changed the landscape of both franchises, the Red Sox got the better of the Dodgers once again.

Smoke rises amid shelling in Damascus on Sunday. Syria said it made a deal for UN experts to test for toxic nerve agents.

United States tone turns harder on Syrian acts

A senior Obama administration official said that there was “very little doubt” that President Bashar Assad’s military forces had used chemical weapons.

Aveo reeling after FDA’s rejection of kidney cancer drug

The failure of Aveo Pharmaceuticals shows the risky nature of biotechnology, a business built around lofty expectations and expensive research.

The Rev. Jurgen Liias leads a Catholic parish that is an alternative for former Anglicans.


Anglican priest, flock cross a welcoming bridge

The Rev. Jurgen Liias leads a Catholic parish that is an alternative for former Anglicans.

Infantrymen climbed rocky terrain in Afghanistan.

Sore feet spur a campaign for a better Army boot

Three companies are competing to design products to handle the Middle East’s harsh conditions.


Jennifer Graham

// Ladies, you’ve got to bag the bag

In banning handbags from stadiums, the NFL has freed women, if only fleetingly, from a kind of tyranny.


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‘Right’ stuff by Franz Ferdinand

“Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action” features some of the band’s most memorable songs since its self-titled debut.